An interview with Cornelius (Neil) Wyatt Jr

By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an actor?

At an early age, growing up in New York City, I was inspired to act through my love of music, film, television and theater. As a shy kid I would come out of my shell and let my imagination run wild whenever my grandfather brought out his video recorder. Acting is something I’ve always dreamed of doing and became more intrigued studying it in high school with hopes to one day making a debut appearance on The Cosby Show.

What type of training and roles have you had thus far?

My training has been informal. In the early 90s I worked in radio and broadcasting in New York City at WBLS FM and at the world-famous Apollo Theater. I trained and learned under some of the best in the field of broadcasting, while self-developing my radio personality skills. Working in broadcasting, it allowed me to create a character role to spruce up the evenings top 9 at 9 Sammy Mack (The Mack Attack) show which I was featured on as a cohost.  Radio was also my introduction to doing voice-overs and landed a television commercial. 

I made my theater debut in 2014 playing a Pastor in Southern Gal Production “The Do Drop In.”  While working with various local theater companies throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area, I’ve played various roles including: police officer, mystery lover, and my most notable role as “Grady” in ArtsCentric Production of The Color Purple.

My film and television credits include Executive Producing and playing the role of a “Talent Night Host” in the award winning Web Series D.C. Yuppies, Season 2 Episode 3.  In Dire Wit Films, I played a “bar patron” in Driven to Succeed.

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of the entertainment industry?

The most challenging has been seeking out opportunities that would allow me to showcase my skills and abilities.

 What advice would you give someone who seeks to become and actor?

 First, I would advise any inspiring actor is to look at what’s going on within their community and seek out opportunities to help develop their skills.  Networking is key to building relationships, therefore I would recommend through social media look into various networking acting groups. Last, don’t be afraid to take risks and showcase your creativity.

 What will the entertainment industry look like after this pandemic?

I believe after this pandemic the entertainment industry will start to shift in a way bringing on more independent projects through streaming and social media.

 Who is your favorite actor and why?

 Wow! There’s so much amazing talent out there but my favorite actor is Jeffery Wright.  Jeffery’s versatility brings a level of depth in his roles whether in film, television or theater that’s unmatched.

 What would be the perfect role for you and why?

The perfect role for me would be a role that would allow me to showcase my comedic and dramatic skills. 


Cornelius Wyatt Jr was born and raised in New York City.  He currently lives in Upper Marlboro, MD and is a highly ranked senior level civil service employee whom has traveled the globe educating and training business communities.

No stranger to being in front of an audience, in 2014 he made his theater debut playing a Pastor in Southern Gal Production “The Do Drop In.”  While working with various theater and film production companies throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan area Cornelius played various roles in local theater that includes a police officer, mystery lover and his most notable role as Grady in ArtsCentric Production The Color Purple.

Cornelius added to his credit Executive Producing, which he did on the award winning Web Series D.C. Yuppies and played the “Talent Night Host in Season 2 Episode 3.  His introduction to film he played a “bar patron” in Dire Wit Films Driven to Succeed.

In the early 90s Cornelius worked in broadcasting in NYC, where he developed a character role as “The Judge” and cohosted the top 9 at 9 on WBLS FM.  Working in radio introduced Cornelius to doing voice-overs which landed a television commercial for the world-famous Apollo Theater. 

Cornelius continues to lend his voice and communication skills, by hosting fashion events, modeling and seeking out opportunities in film and television.


Instagram – Cwyatt70

Facebook – Cornelius Wyatt Jr

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