Marcus Johnson- Ballads: In My Voice A Personalized AutoBio Statement


by Marcus Johnson

To say that I’m excited about releasing this new project would be an understatement! I am truly humbled yet thankful for the process through which I have had to go in order to find my voice.  Ballads: In my Voice is just the beginning. 

Ballads: In My Voice is the latest incarnation of the growth and development of Marcus Johnson. It is the manifestation of an artistic and spiritual journey over the last few years and the fact that I’ve been able to 

find my voice in my favorite ballads from different parts of my life and my favorite artists who wrote and recorded them. I’ve known for years that even though the piano is a percussion instrument, and when played during a ballad, it can take on characteristics of the human voice. I actually sing and hum as I play, and the best way to get my soul into the ears of my audience is when I do so through my ballads.

Additionally, I’m a hopeless romantic and believe in the love journey and all of its parts. Love can be humbling, sad, hard work, and sensual! And love can be all of this at once. Those who open themselves to that experience understand their own voice and do so in the form of their own interpretation of the ballad!

There’s so many different songs that I could have chosen for this. The project has 8 new tracks: “In the Air Tonight”, “Trip”, “Anytime Anyplace”, “Fortunate”, “Let’s Stay Together”, “No Ordinary Love”, “So Beautiful”, and “Best Part”. I added 4 bonus tracks from previous releases. These tracks are: “Morning Light”, featuring Alyson Williams, “Say Yes”, “Believe”, and “All The Things” because there are many people who are hearing Marcus Johnson for the first time. Even though I have 20 CDs, the old paradigm of traditional radio only made space for a few. Now that we’re able to reach our consumers directly, Spotify, Pandora, Apple music, Google play, Deezer, and other alternatives allow us to reach our fans directly! And that’s exactly what we are doing at FLO Music.

When you put all of the songs together I feel that we are leaning towards an expanding genre called: Instrumental R&B. What is this? It’s simply the idea that you have R&B chords, beats/groove, harmony, and even melodies that don’t have a vocalist as the lead. The instrumentalist interprets the words in their own way. (i.e. in their own voice) This is perfect for any type of chill setting. It’s perfect in the office. It’s perfect on your commute. It’s perfect in the evening time, and always perfect for the midnight session! And on the Piano, I have my own voice that I trust any instrumental lover will cherish!

Click the link below and listen to the album preview and let me know what you think!

As an entrepreneur in the wine business I always think about what would pair well with our FLO branded wine products( Ballads: In My Voice is the perfect pairing for the Sunday afternoon chill out session with a glass of Flo Chard, FLO Red Blend and/or Flo Moscato. Get your bottle of FLO online, have it delivered to your house. Turn on  Spotify or Pandora, or whatever streaming station you listen to and get your true personal FLO on.

As my 20th project, I’m excited to begin this new journey of Ballads and Beyond, and to do so In my voice. 

For information on Marcus, or performances, please visit or all social media at @MarcusJohnson360 (Twitter: @marcusjohnson3K)


Listen In

Marcus Johnson shows why he is one of the top Jazz musicians in the world! Enjoy the this clip from the new Live & Direct DVD with Marcus Johnson & The Urban Jam Band. Escape into the realm of jazz and get the party started as Marcus tears up the keys in this unbelievable solo.

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