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By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your practice.- I’m blessed to have had the opportunity to join my father’s practice, continuing my family’s legacy.  My dad, Dr. Barton Horsley, has been practicing podiatry in Metro Detroit for 33 years.  We are a father & son podiatry team specializing in bone and joint deformities, diabetic limb salvage, sprains and fractures, wound care, and many skin and nail conditions.  Our Metro Detroit practice is one of three family podiatry offices;  Dr. Neil Horsley DPM (Chicago, IL) & Victor Horsley DPM (Nassau/ Paradise Island Bahamas).  

What health/preventive tips can you share?- The best preventative tips I can share would be the encouragement of everyone to have their feet checked at least once a year.  Certain conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, peripheral neuropathy, and acute injuries require more frequent visits to a foot and ankle specialist.  Our feet bear the weight of our bodies, and any pain or injury should be immediately addressed as to not make the condition worse.  I highly stress to my patient’s the importance of sterile technique when it comes to nail and foot care at the salons.  Many communicable fungus and bacteria are transferred unknowingly to salon patrons.  

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?– I desired to have the lifestyle my Father provided for me.  I started my career at General Motors after graduating from North Carolina A&T State University with an electrical engineering degree.  Blessed with the privilege of working at the largest automotive company in the world,  I quickly realized that my dreams and goals were broader and more expansive than GM.  I was young and unsure of exactly what I wanted to do so I decided to go to law school.  I completed 1.5 years of law school and realized that wasn’t my destiny.  I then went to grad school to obtain a masters in engineering management, only to realize in the semester,  I didn’t like that either.  After a stroke of genius, I said why don’t I become a doctor like my Father and Uncles.  While working at GM, I decided to take the prerequisites to get into podiatry school.  I couldn’t have been happier!  I loved the sciences and the study of the body.  I haven’t looked back since. 

What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of your business?– The most rewarding aspect of my job is accompanying a patient on their healing journey.  You form a bond with patients while on that journey… which may begin as a painful bunion or a hammertoe, a fractured bone, a diabetic wound, or chronic skin condition.  It’s nothing more rewarding then reviewing patient’s before and after pictures knowing that you with God’s divine intervention helped heal the patient.  

What keeps you motivated in such a competitive industry?– Successful outcomes and elite patient care keeps motivation high in Podiatry.  New podiatric techniques, instrumentation, and scientific studies are always evolving.  It’s very rewarding to provide the patient with the best treatment options and explanations for their conditions. 

DR. Kairi Horsley

What about your business that separates you from the others?– Horsley Foot and Ankle has had the reputation for providing Metro Detroit with the most thorough and best podiatric services for over 33 years.  We offer cutting edge services not traditionally offered by other podiatrist such as minimally invasive foot surgery, which allows the patient immediate weight bearing after surgery.  To defeat nail fungus we provide laser therapy which is FDA approved to destroy fungus.  Our patient’s receive vascular testing as well foot orthoses in the office.  Our family practice ambiance is welcoming and comforting.  We are constantly flattered by patients constantly reminding us that we are the best podiatrist office they have ever been too.  

Where would you like to see your business in the next five years?– The next major goal of Horsley Foot and Ankle would be to expand within Metro Detroit.  We currently are board certified physicians who oversee podiatry residents during their surgical training.  We are looking forward to hiring graduating residents within the near future to expand the elite podiatric services of Horsley Foot and Ankle. 

Phone: 248-559-5200 
IG: Horsleyfootcare 
FB: Horsley Foot and Ankle Surgeons  

Our office is located at 23077 Greenfield Road, Suite 255, Southfield, MI 48075.


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