The Business of Eyebrows

Damone Roberts Beverly Hills

By Taroue Btooks

How did you get started in the business of eyebrows?

I was a Makeup Artist for many years prior to focusing on eyebrows. I switched to eyebrows only after noticing that when the brows were shaped properly… makeup was not necessarily needed for a face to look “done”.

How did you become in such demand by so many celebrities?

By truly focusing on my craft and becoming the best at what I do. I didn’t find the celebrities, the celebrities found me. 

Who are some of the more notable clients that you have serviced?

I’ve been fortunate enough to work on literally everyone from Oprah, Beyoncé, & Taraji P. Henson to Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys & Madonna. 

What are some general tips that you can share about having healthy eyebrows?

Eyebrows are literally the single most important underestimated feature on the face.  My number one tip about having healthy eyebrows is don’t over tweeze. Less is more! 

Being pretty has put tremendous pressure on our youg people, especially girls. What words of encouragement are you willing to share to help them with their self esteem?

I love that we are living in an era & time when global beauty is being recognized by the masses. One of our Company slogans is “to bring out the best version of you”.  People these days aren’t interested in looking like  everyone else and are respected for it. My advice is be true to who you are and wear it loudly & proudly.

What are some absolute wrong moves in caring for the eyebrows?

People tend to think that over Tweezing gives you a more dramatic face… which is true but for the wrong reasons. Less is more. They need to be maintained, but not destroyed.

Another big mistake is using the wrong tone in pencils, powders, gels, etc. They don’t think of people of color when they develops these things, and what happens is the colors turn ashy on our skins. I purposely developed the D.R line with us in mind so you get a True Tone that works for us, vs against us.

While the industry has changed, how have you maintained being so relevant?

I know the one constant is change. We’ve been the black owned Salon in Beverly Hills for almost 20 years and we’ve had to adjust when needed. For example… Social Media did not exist when I first opened. Now I have to pay someone to deal with that daily. You can’t remain relevant in any business if you don’t adapt to what’s going on around you. Change comes slow, change comes quick, but change is gonna come. 

What have you observed about men and their care of eyebrows?

Men are now realizing they deal with the hair on their faces daily by shaving, so it doesn’t make sense to not deal with the hair above their eyes. Men are a major part of our business these days. They realize that the shape doesn’t have to be dramatic, but a nice clean up opens the eyes. 

When did you realize that you were successful?

I’m still growing constantly and truly feel I’m nowhere near where I intend on going, but it was cool to get calls one evening from different friends around the World saying they were watching Jeopardy and the question was “Damone Roberts has become famous as the king of shaping what facial feature”? The answer was “What is eyebrows” and this blond guy from Milwaukee answered correctly. 

Tell us about your workshop tour.

We are exploring doing a tour of D.R Pop Up Salon’s. We just completed our first one in N.Y and it was very successful. I’m also prepping my first online course to teach “The D.R Method” for shaping eyebrows perfectly.

What is your unique quality in this industry that sets you apart from others?

I’ve put in the work. It didn’t just happen. I studied art, became a successful makeup artist and then crossed over to brows. I deal not only with the world’s most famous faces daily, but also with the girl next door. I hear from the consumer daily and know exactly what they want. 

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

I did a TV series several years ago for TLC called “10 Years Younger”… I would like to go back to that world. I find it such a powerful medium to reach millions and enhance their lives. I also want to continue building a beauty brand for us that explores more than brows. I’ve checked that box off, now I’m on to the next phase.


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