An interview with Belinda D Sanders

By Staff

Tell us about your hair care line.

My haircare line “Bella Miracle hair products” is my daughter’s business. It was created as a result of daughters’ loss of hair from chemotherapy treatments. So we created this haircare line, our first product is actually a 100% natural organic hair stimulating oil. 

What feedback/response have you gotten from people who have used your product?

I am so proud of the reviews and responses we are getting ! They have been very positive and many have noted that they love the fragrance and the smell of the products. And they have reported that they have actually seen results. 

Tell us about your new book.

My book “Dear Future Husband” is actually a passion project, it includes a 31 day manifestation journal for readers to be able to track and meet the man of their dreams. Also, in my book with every affirmation there is a tip on who you need to be to actually attract the man you want. 

What inspired you to write this book?

My true inspiration behind writing this book was from my own personal experiences. I always found myself not getting the results I desired from a long lasting relationship. I had no problem getting married, the problem was dating, I had to learn that all people weren’t honest. So I did an introspective review of myself and decided to share it, I did years of therapy and decided that I needed to do a better job on myself. 

So this book is not just designed to get a “man” but to get yourself to be the person you deserve to be through trials of manifesting and creating goals, so you can get the husband you need and not want.

Share details about your philanthropy?

My journey of philanthropy includes Helping missionaries in 3 world countries, serving ministries, and much more. My ultimate goal is to give away 7 figures to helpless families. I see this happening by continuing to give away 10 percent of my income, I have gave 10 percent away to families for the last 10 years , that’s almost over 100 grand away ! This is because the real key to success is too give back. 

What advice do you have for someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur?

My advice for someone who is an entrepreneur is to have a clear plan but don’t overthink it. As Long as you have passion and the work ethic you can do whatever you desire. But how you can fail is by overthinking, we as entrepreneurs don’t know everything that is going to happen but we know that we can visualize and walk with faith and with that we can do anything. 

Where do you see your career in the next five years?

the next 5 years I see myself having a million dollar brand , Worth a lot more money than I am now, and continuing to Help countless families Financially and spiritually. I plan that I will be Married and thriving with my healthy children and family.

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Belinda Ndu is an extraordinarily talented woman who uses her life to show others that the impossible is actually quite achievable. She is an established business owner and philanthropist who transforms everything and everyone around her. Belinda is the genius behind her daughter’s hair care line, Bella Miracle Hair, which aids those who experience hair loss from a serious illness such as cancer like her child or need guidance on growing healthy hair. She is also an author, and her first book, Dear Future Husband, is part of a series that she will continue to release to help women and men on their journeys in different areas of life. Her seven-day digital course, The Manifest, is a detailed guide to creating and keeping the life you desire. Additionally, Belinda makes it a big priority to give to missionaries and mission fields locally and internationally, helping in Nigeria, Haiti, and with various church organizations and other foundations.

Belinda grew up watching her mother live each day with a level of confidence that most could only imagine. She also had a father that was very loving and gentle with her. Their impact enabled her to grow up and be sure of who she is while also giving her six children, five that she birthed, the same love and support. She was once told that she could never have children, and now they are her greatest accomplishment and constant motivation. Through her endeavors, passion, and voice, she has been a guest on TBN, Fox Soul, and three local stations. Belinda is a woman with no limits and plenty of inspiration to add to the world continually.