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By Taroue Brooks

Sherman C. Urquhart is an educator, author, certified fitness trainer and certified life coach. He is a Virginia native, and he has served in the education field for over a decade. After battling the storms of addiction, incarceration, and failure for several years, his passion for helping people tap into their unlimited potential became the driving force behind his ultimate purpose. Sherman obtained his Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English studies from Virginia State University. He holds a Master’s degree in Education and an Educational Specialist degree in Education Leadership. Sherman is currently a doctoral candidate in Education leadership. In order to give back and help those who may be experiencing similar struggles, Sherman obtained his Life Coaching certification and published 2 books to provide encouragement, empowerment, and a guide to living the best life possible! Sherman has worked with many different organizations to create strategies for success, and he enjoys spending time with his children and family.

How have been healing from your wife losing her battle with cancer? 

When my wife passed away, I was left to raise our 2-year-old daughter and my 14-year-old son and I was instantly forced to make new plans and set new goals for our lives.  I had to resign from my position due to the grief becoming so overwhelming I could no longer concentrate on work.  I came home and took several months to mourn, refocus and regroup.  I prayed and reflected on how God gave my wife the desires of her heart before she left his Earth, and that brought peace knowing she was fulfilled and now with God forever.  With that realization, I picked up the pieces and got to work fulfilling my dreams and raising my children.

What has it been like being a single dad?  

I never thought I would be a single dad, especially to a baby daughter.  It has definitely been an adjustment.  I had to take over the responsibilities of the house, the cooking and cleaning and everything in between.  I had to learn about toddlers and how to do her hair.  I’m developing the most wonderful bond with my daughter and we now have a peace in our spirit as we move forward.  It’s definitely a challenging task but its also the most fulfilling journey I’ve ever been on, and she’s definitely worth it.

Tell us about the business you established during COVID-I9.

 I started a weight loss journey because I had been battling with my weight for years, and I knew that after my wife passed I needed to be in great shape to be able to run behind my little girl and to be here and healthy enough to raise her.  I worked hard and lost over 100 pounds, so I decided to obtain a personal trainer certificate.  I then formed an LLC called Urquhart Solutions LLC.  I was already a Life Coach so I decided to launch the company and offer coaching and training for individuals and companies who are ready to make the jump to the next level.  

Tell us about the books you published, and where they can be purchased.

Years ago I battled substance abuse, depression and failure. I was incarcerated several times because of my poor decision making coupled with a sense of loss and confusion.  God stepped in at my lowest point and helped me to realize the joy of life and the pleasure that comes from living for Him and being in service to others.  Years later in 2016 I decided to write about those experiences in my first book that went on to become a best seller, I’m Not There Anymore.  In 2018 I published my second book entitled You Are That One Thing, a powerful book of affirmations to help people stay energized and motivated to fulfil their destinies and live satisfying lives.  Both of my books are available on my website under the author tab, where signed copies can be ordered

Once you complete your doctoral program, how will you use the degree?

Once upon a time I wanted to work for a public school board office running school divisions.  As time passed those desires morphed into wanting to teach on the college level and consult, where I feel I can be more effective.  After school I plan to teach in higher ed and also use my degree and expertise to help organizations streamline their practices to make the most efficient use of their time and structure.  I plan to offer trainings and specialized programs to help companies succeed in this more digital age we are now becoming accustomed to.

What advice do you have for someone who has faced adversity? 

For anyone facing adversity and going through their own struggles, I would suggest remembering that God is always on the throne, and no matter how bad things may look, He will never give us more than we can handle.  Life is hard, especially now with 10s of millions of people out of work and fighting hunger and disease. I would ask that you control the things which you can control.  Have a routine every day, to keep a sense of normalcy.  Spend time with family and those who make you happy, and spend time alone praying for strength and clarity to navigate this new landscape.  Most of all, never give up and never give in.

Where would you like to see your career in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years I would like to be on staff at a university teaching adjunct courses, while working with organizations to help them grow.  I will also continue to act, write, lecture and raise my kids to be responsible, helpful citizens.  My business will be flourishing and I hope to be able to give back to those who face similar struggles, and continue to help those who need guidance, support and accountability.  I don’t just want to be alive, I want to live.

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