Historical Black Woman-Owned Sneaker Company, TRONUS announces Ground-breaking New Products

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This Black woman-owned and run disruptive startup continues selling their way to the top, with hopes to inspire as they leap over competition. After a successful launch during the height of the pandemic, racing to six figures multiple times over and gaining celebrity support … the futuristic athletic brand offers footwear with a touch of forward thinking. Partnering with large brands, fellow disruptors and releasing widely anticipated new products will likely make this the Summer of TRONUS.


The first sneaker company owned by a professional female athlete, TRONUS is intent on making waves. To date, the innovative brand has been doing exactly that in the footwear space and is now setting its sights even higher. TRONUS is led by charismatic Santia Deck, the professional athlete and trainer turned successful social media personality and CEO. With Cynthia Cureton-Robles as COO, operations have expanded steadily since the company began. With two Black women at the helm, navigating the volatile global marketplace made even less predictable by the pandemic, TRONUS has proven they are here to stay. After a wildly successful pre-order campaign, the company surpassed six figures within a short few weeks, well before there were even any shoes on customers’ feet. With new offerings and strategic partnerships they are looking to make their presence known not just among their super-loyal fan base but in their white male dominated industry. Each product represents that commitment, and each partnership reinforces it.

“Nothing done here is done by accident,” explains Cureton-Robles. The partnerships forged in any area are intended to send messages in addition to boosting the bottom line. Cynthia is referring to the fact that the first brick and mortar approved to retail TRONUS merchandise was a Black owned establishment in the Atlanta area. Now, the stakes are higher. After working with a different fulfillment partner to get them through the initial hurdles of delivery as a new company, TRONUS sought out fresh ideas more aligned with their own. Today, they’re announcing a new agreement with Turner Packaging Solutions Inc. (TPSI), a Minority Owned and Operated fulfillment and packaging provider. “Teaming up with a woman-led, minority owned brand that is making major moves is exactly the type of partnership we get excited about. We are sure this will prove to be a winning move for both of our companies and the community,” shared Vincent Turner – President of Turner Packaging Solutions, Inc (TPSI).

Santia says that these partnerships on the backend matter just as much as the handshakes that come with more fanfare. TRONUS is in talks with major retailers, giants in the industry, fleshing out agreements and next steps. “When they shine a big light on us, we want to reflect some of that back on our partners,” says Deck.

Enthusiastic customers have certainly not been forgotten when it comes to spreading the love. TRONUS offers affordable luxury  with  bold new products to rock through the summer in their signature futuristic style and feel. Following the success of their original sneaker design, the brand is launching new colorways AND Summer Luxe Slides with waterproof memory foam insoles. These slides are set to dominate the poolside, resort scene and any other initial travel that customers are likely anxious to return to after missing the chance last Summer due to COVID. They’ll be a great compliment to the luxurious and eco-friendly  athleisure apparel line that TRONUS plans to drop next. TRONUS apparel is made from natural moisture-wicking and odor resistant performance bamboo material is predicted to start a new craze in the fitness wear industry. Between the partnerships it’s made, new deals in the works, and exciting new products offered – TRONUS is inviting all to watch their ascent to a top lifestyle brand.


TRONUS invites you to slide into luxury with the lightest, most comfortable unisex sneaker in the world. History making female football player made history a 2nd time as the 1st female athlete to own a sneaker company. Owner, Santia Deck spent several years developing a sleek futuristic sock-top sneaker with designer, Jamien Sills designed to mold to your foot, creating an almost euphoric “walking on air” kind of experience. The bold look draws you in, and the feel will get you hooked.

This disruptive startup began selling their first shoes in late November of 2020, after months of building buzz and pre-orders.  The company made a name for itself while their first customers anxiously awaited the first ever boxes of TRONUS sneakers to arrive on their doorsteps. Now, customers of all ages – including celebrity supporters – are becoming loyal TRONUS fans.

Many celebrities are fans such as NFL great, Deion Sanders; Rapper, Waka Flocka; Gospel Singer, James Fortune; Comedian, Karlous Miller and Soccer Superstar, Josef Martinez to name a few.

Santia Deck not only made history in December 2019 as the first female football player to sign a multi-million-dollar deal but is an outstanding role model for women and children people all over the world! Her work ethic is unmatched, and she openly gives glory to God for her phenomenal talents and accomplishments. She has a massive 1 million+ social media following globally.

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Santia and her business maven mother and TRONUS COO are excited to announce their partnership with Black-owned Turner Packaging based in Los Angeles and hints of the upcoming announcement with a MAJOR worldwide sneaker distributor. These savvy women like athlete Serena Williams, and fashion force Rihanna have had successful collaborations with leading brands like Nike and Puma. Santia and her team hope to expand upon that narrative, building an industry-leading brand themselves with a Black woman at the helm . . . not just at the table. Deck and TRONUS want to compete with the big players . . . not just collaborate with them.

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