Actress Ra’Chel King


By Staff

Why did you decide to work in the entertainment industry?
My friend told me “I think too much.” He said that I need to “learn to relax” and he thought acting would make me stop thinking and get out of my own head. When I wrote my first monologue, I was stunned at the emotions that it pulled from me. When I began to study other characters and try to emulate what I thought they were feeling with those words; I felt free. Me feeling free says a whole lot for me. Because I am always in control. I guess you can say I’m a bit of a control freak. He said when i was acting he could see me relax once I started to say my lines. 

What type of training do you engage to perfect your craft?
It is a daily educational path in one way or another. I take classes (one on one and in a classroom setting), I watch movies and videos trying to re-create the scenes  and see how I give the same feeling that it gave me or how would I do it differently? I go out and watch people trying to figure out what their story is and how I can use it in my future work. Every day I try to learn something that I can use in a future project.

What keeps you motivated in such a competitive industry?
What keeps me motivated in this competitive field, I honestly don’t know. I don’t see it as a competition because, what God has for me is for me. When I audition I give it my all. I leave everything on the floor when I audition. When I am done I don’t think about it anymore. 

What advice would you give someone who seeks to be in the entertainment industry?
Do not come into this business hungry or desperate. Know your boundaries and don’t let anymore take you past them. This business will eat you up and spit you out. It will have you doing things for a role that will make you hate yourself. Don’t let anyone put a price tag on your soul.

What has been the most difficult thing you have had to overcome?
My life has been filed with difficulties. From the injuries, the surgeries, the Domestic Assault, tragic death of my boyfriend. The hardest thing I face now is my self doubt. Self doubt will have me not going after jobs I want. It will have me sitting in the house feeling sorry for myself and 300 lbs. Self doubt will have me believing that I can’t act. Self doubt will have me thinking I am too old to be doing this. Self doubt is a DREAM KILLER!

Tell us about your most proud moment and why?
My most proud moment so far was booking my first feature film. Even though it was an independent movie and there were no famous people in it. I did it. I booked it by myself. I submitted, I auditioned, and I booked it. And not with the homie hooked me up either.

What does success look like for you?
I’m not sure what success looks like right now. But, when I’m able to work with Viola Davis, Jennifer Hudson, Danielle Brooks, Aisha Hines, William Catlett, and Keith Arthur Bolden. Then I will feel like I am a successful actor because these are the people who I watch and look up to.  That I get my motivation from. Watching them in their movies and shows make me want to be an extraordinary actor.

Where would you like for your career to be in the next five years?
In five years I would like to have an extraordinary resume of substantive roles. I would like to at the very least have an NAACP nomination (who am I kidding I want an award.) I would also like a least one SAG award because that would show me that my peers like and respect my work. I want my foundation to be known for the work that it does for the homeless and the risk youth. I want to be financially secure and continue to have peace in my life.