Sojourner Truth Legacy Project Virtual Summit on Wednesday, March 23, 2022



This Sojourner Truth Legacy Project virtual presentation will highlight the amazing legacy, history, and continued work of Black women leaders who have dedicated their careers to eliminating systemic barriers and ensuring equity for all.

Black women continue to serve as change agents to secure a more equitable nation for the next generation of leaders. During this virtual dual-session presentation, we will recognize the crucial role our most influential and trusted voices play. The Black women we honor during the presentation, advance the important conversations in American politics. This event continues the long-overdue recognition of celebrating Black women, highlighting past and present triumph, and lighting the way for future leaders and accomplishments.

 Sojourner Truth Legacy Project Virtual Summit 
on Wednesday, March 23, 2022.
11 AM ET | Session One – The Empowered Voter: Navigating Voting Rights And The Influx Of Voter Suppression2 PM ET | 
Session Two – When Women Lead
To be held on our virtual platform, Pheedloop.
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