A Black Father’s Love Letter

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To My Children,

If I told you how often I sing original songs to you, bearing your name when you are not around, you would know all the lyrics by heart. The compromises I made with my soul exceeded any self-interests to ensure I could see your faces far outnumber all my imperfections.

The fact is I yearn to be close to you all the time. I wish I could wake up to your inspiration every day to the point where I feel guilty. Yet, I know I must continue to do my best to hold the threads together for us even when my rights to your love are tested.

Your existence inspires me to find what is good in this world and its people. The images of your smiles make me wonder about your every move. I imagine you through the day embracing the world’s victories and failures with a protective tone for your existence.

Even as society pits the dreams of Black boys and girls in a competition, my prayers spread Black magic over my daughters and sons. I am smitten with you till I am no more and beyond.

I have swallowed razorblades of injustice and conquered the modern-day Pharisees to stand by your side. And know that when there is dust where I once stood, my spirit will walk with you through deep valleys and rise with the mountains.

God made me strong and resilient to be your dad. My LOVE for you is ordained and written in the Book of Life. My hand is here for you on Earth and in Heaven.


Patrick Graham


About the Author

Dr. Patrick Graham is a nationally recognized leader and contributor to justice and inclusion efforts in economic and social development. He is a proven survivor of judicial system misconduct and domestic violence, which inspires him to advocate for national housing, the court system, and policing reforms and laws. Dr. Graham serves on several boards and is the CEO of WeBuild Concord, a developer of affordable housing and talent development.

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