Actor/Comedian Doug E. Doug On Fatherhood


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What is your profession? Please provide description.
I am an entertainment icon of inarguable stature. I am an actor ,director, producer of film and television .I am a part-time comedian. I am overworked and underpaid.
When you hear your name as Dad, Father, Pops, etc. what do you feel?
When I hear my daughter call me “dad””” ,I feel very warm inside, basically like a sucker . When I hear my son say “pops” I feel like I have done something right with my life. When my  wife tells the kids to talk to “your father”,I know I am in trouble.
What has been the greatest joy of fatherhood?
The greatest joy of fatherhood for me has been to see my wife less anxious about the kids future, as the years go on. Her joy is affected by the children and mine is affected by  her..
What do you feel that you can do to be a better father?
I can be a better father if I learn to let go when they demonstrate that they are capable. I still trip out ,and look at them as kids. Even though one is over six feet tall and the other is a college graduate.
What has been the most meaningful lesson you learned from your child/children?
My children have taught me that I know very little and I could probably benefit a lot more from listening to them.  My father told me that, ” when you talk all you can ever say is what you know. So shut up.!” I should have done that more as a father, but I didn’t listen to my father, so I didn’t. Sorry daddy,
What keeps you so motivated when things get challenging?
What motivates me is the thought that my wife will pat me on the head like a lap dog and say,”You a good daddy.”
Oh yeah, and also my faith. I try to keep a sense of humour and a spiritual center. It seems to give me the will and strength  to endure.
How much alike are you to your father in fatherhood?
I am nothing like my father. If I told my father that I wasn’t going to school ,because I needed a “mental health day”,I would just be getting out of a coma. My father gave me everything I didn’t think I needed and nothing I wanted. That was appropriate in those days. These times required other things and other approaches
. . The beat goes on.
What is the most challenging aspect of being a father?
The most challenging thing, to me, about fatherhood is to watch your child ill or in the throes of injustice. Both experiences are great teachers, and will visit us all, at certain points in our lives. But, it sucks that you can’t always shield them for that stuff.
What do you feel your legacy will be?
My legacy will be that I pierced the veil for folks. I showed people, including my children, how the sausage is made. It, meaning life, aint that deep. If you don’t like the taste, make your own.

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Actor/Comedian Doug E. Doug