Fashion designer Miguel Wilson talks High Fashion experiences and being the first designer in the world to cater to The Groom’s Experience


By Jessica L. Dupree
Photos: Travis Daniels

Because It’s His Day Too!” he says.

In a world where there are so many options for consumers, trailblazing fashion designer Miguel Wilson has been able to carve out a unique path in the fashion industry. Hailed as ‘The Wedding King,’ Wilson created a one-of-a-kind brand that caters to the groom experience.  He’s known in Hollywood’s biggest circles for styling the best of the best.

Wilson tells Heart & Soul, “I always felt like it was a problem that with traditional weddings, although men make up half of the wedding party, they are usually an afterthought. I wanted to create a brand that helps men to feel just as important as a bride and stand out because after all, he says, it’s his day too.”

Photo Travis Daniels

Men are just as important as brides on their big day,” he adds. “To me, the wedding is the biggest party that most guys will ever throw in his life in terms of a celebration. When else do you throw a party where you pay for food and drinks because it’s a big celebration?”

Reflecting on his journey, he recalls being inspired by designers like Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and Karl Kani. “Ralph Lauren is my favorite designer because I’m a Polo Player and I design Polo attire as well. I also feel like Ralph Lauren does a phenomenal job of selling lifestyles. When you wear Ralph Lauren, you feel like you are experiencing a certain life. When people wear my clothing, I always want them to feel something; fly, fresh, I want it to evoke some type of emotion,” he says.

Photo Travis Daniels

Created to ensure that men are treated to high class experiences on their big day, The Miguel Wilson Collection exists for the men in Black and more. Be it producing custom elite wedding fashion, wears for special occasions, unique prom outfits, designer ensembles, or accessories the certified “Wedding King” delivers a one-of-a-kind experience each and every time. A nice tuxedo, shoes, and fragrance topped off with accessories like a nice watch and bracelet is just the beginning of his high fashion rollout.

To create a more personalized, convenient experience Wilson recently added a “Clothing Concierge Service” to provide in-home or in-office service for busy professional clients who don’t have time to shop. And as part of the classy treatment on “His Big Day,” Wilson’s stores provide a pre-wedding luxurious treatment in a Grooms Lounge where groomsmen enjoy champagne and cocktails while being fitted in their tuxedos.

Miguel Wilson “Black Tie Experience”

In Miguel’s world, a wedding day to a man should be one of the happiest days of his life because not only is he celebrating the commencement of a lifetime partnership with the woman he loves but it’s also a celebration with his friends and family as well. One thing is crystal clear – he’s there to help with more than just clothes, he’s there to offer a special experience.

A true trailblazer in Black fashion, Wilson is known for the distinguished ‘Miguel Wilson Collection.’ As a designer, he paved a new trail on the footprint of fashion culture when he became the first designer in the world to cater to the groom’s experience. Tapping into the vision of both the bride and the groom, the Wilson’s gather ideas for each client’s dream wedding then they work with the groom exclusively to show him options and ideas to help make him stand out while complimenting the bride.

With stores in Atlanta, Washington D.C., Miami, and New York, Wilson is recognized as the #1 designer for men’s wedding attire. While most companies were shutting down during the pandemic, Wilson’s brand expanded because he prepared himself and his business during the downtime by using his creativity. By the time people started to get back out again he had a full store, inventory, and options. In his own words, “I was the best place to shop.”

But the success of The Miguel Wilson Collection was only the beginning. He would expand his brand to include lifestyle designs and a polo collection. As a designer, he wanted to be able to create clothes that separated him from other designers while thinking with his ideal customer in mind. Miguel continues to expand his brand and make an impact in his community through philanthropy.

For more information on Miguel Wilson’s collection, visit him on IG @MiguelWilsonCollection

Photo Creds: Travis Daniels & Phoenix Ascar

Photo Travis Daniels,