8th Annual “Fit Fathers Day” Celebration

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By Kimatni D. Rawlins

June is Men’s Health Month, therefore join us on Father’s Day for our family fun wellness celebration and interactive workout both online at FB Live and onsite in Silver Spring, MD. Sunday, June 2010am -12pm EDT

Register at www.FitFathersDay.com.
Lead by example so your child becomes the example!

About Fit Fathers Founder Kimatni D. Rawlins

The honored father of two girls, older brother to four sisters, and proud husband, Kimatni D. Rawlins founded Fit Fathers in 2010 to inspire others to prioritize healthier eating and daily exercise, and to enhance the lives of their families.

Despite a profoundly athletic background that included the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets’ running back position, Rawlins had succumbed to an increasingly inactive lifestyle post-graduation. After getting back on track, he created the educational health, fitness, and wellness website www.FitFathers.com to help other dads discover reawakening.

Kimatni subsequently shed 50 pounds through routine fitness activities and a plant-based diet to regain his high school weight of 205 pounds. He then became a certified physical fitness trainer and received his certification in plant-based nutrition from Nutrition Studies and eCornell.com. Today, the married father of Mikaiya and Kaiyana enjoys running, mountain biking, road cycling, obstacle courses, boxing, basketball, yoga, and hiking. Kimatni competes in 5Ks to marathons and rides or runs on the weekends with a Fit Fathers crew.

Rawlins leads an extremely active lifestyle in addition to training clients looking to make similar positive life changes. As a clean vegan, he incorporates strength training, plyometrics, cardio, and boxing into his workouts while opting for various family activities. He believes that fitness and nutrition fuel positive health habits and thrives on the motto: “Eat clean, stay active, and energize your life!”

Rawlins received his B.S. in Business from Georgia Tech and is also the president and publisher of the lifestyle automotive media and marketing portal, Automotive Rhythms.

Inspiring Health Words from Founder Kimatni D. Rawlins

As parents, we must lead by example, so our children become the example. Far too often, we take life for granted and fail to improve our quality of living until bad news is received from a doctor’s visit. But, why wait for degenerative diseases to strike? Why not eat more fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes now to prevent clogged arteries and reduce attacks from mutated cancer cells?

If we know that sugar and saturated fat enhances the odds of diabetes, why indulge in soda, candy bars, and pastries? If we are aware that our bones, muscles, lungs, and hearts are strengthened through routine exercise, why lead a sedentary life? We should be running, walking, swimming, or biking on most days. Instinctually, kids will follow their parents’ lead and develop life-enhancing habits instead of behaviors that increase life degradation. Instead of sugary drinks, teach them how to make homemade smoothies with their favorite fruits. Water, ice, flaxseed, banana, mango, kale, and berries will always do the trick. Try almonds and walnuts over chips. My kids happen to love SeaSnax seaweed snacks, which is a learned habit we initiated. How about apples and nut butter, which are also a treat? Banana, almond, or peanut butter bagels (whole grain, of course) are also a hit. And when all else fails, give them some watermelon or mangos and call it a day.

Register at www.FitFathersDay.com.

Register at www.FitFathersDay.com.

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