An Interview with Dawan Nolton


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become part of the entertainment industry?

It kind of just fell in my lap. I was getting lots of attention from my social media page which granted me opportunities to be on huge industry platforms and a bunch of talent agencies and companies reached out to me so I took full advantage of my opportunities.

How did you begin your modeling career?

I’ve been modeling since about the age of 18 but it wasn’t until recently that I got serious about it. One of the top modeling agencies in NY reached out to me and I ended up signing with them. I was unaware of potential wealth that a modeling career can award so when I learned that, I began to give it my all and take it serious. I’m currently signed with two model and talent agencies.

What are some of your regiments in preparing for a photo shoot?

When prepping for a shoot I like to get an idea of what the concept of the shoot is going to be about so that means communicating with the photographer before hand. No matter what the concept of the shoot is, I like to be in shape so that means dieting down days before and staying sharp on my workout routines. I make sure my skin is looking healthy and of course a fresh haircut.

The entertainment business is very competitive. How did you know that you had what it takes to become an actor? I knew I had what it takes when my agency sent me to acting classes and I did really well. Every class I’ve got great feed back from the instructor and my classmates. I’m typically a very shy/ quiet person but when the cameras are rolling and it’s your turn to perform, you have no choice but to make it happen. Acting has really opened me up as a person, help me to speak in public and overall just gave me confidence in myself.

What is your dream role and why?

Wow this is a great question. My dream role would be my personal dream. I had dreams on making it to the NFL. I started playing football at the young age of 7 and ended after college at 23 never missing a season in between. That’s all I knew how to do and all I wanted to do but clearly God had other plans which is ok because his plans are always better than my dreams. So I would say playing a role as a professional football player would be my dream role.

What kind of training or practicing is necessary as an actor?

Definitely acting classes and when you are not in class, stand in the mirror and practice on your own. It takes repetition, it’s not easy Especially when it comes to remembering lines. You can have the lines mastered but when the cameras turn on and the nerves kicks in, it’s a whole different story.

Since the entertainment industry is based largely on the physical, how do you maintain?

I just focus on being healthy from the inside out, meaning putting healthy foods in my body and doing some type of physical training daily to stay in shape. With anything in life, if you are not healthy, you are not able to perform.

What’s  next for you on this journey as a actor?

Right now my agents and I are just waiting on the perfect opportunity. They only cast me for roles that are worth it. With covid it has slowed a lot of things down but hopefully soon opportunities will pick back up. My agent and I talk often, and he makes sure that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing on my end, staying in shape etc and he ensures me that he is doing his part in trying to find me castings that fit.

About Dawan Nolton

Dawan, a New Jersey native had dreams of becoming an NFL linebacker but God had other plans.

Dawan, a popular football player in college was scouted to play for the National Football League but after being cut by several teams he pursed a career in law enforcement.

One night on duty, Dawan (@swolton_hd) posted a selfie on his Instagram page which went viral, making him into a social media personality. With over 50K followers, Dawan was featured in a 2017 calendar “The Men Of Honor” with other law enforcement officers which raised money for underprivileged children.

During his off time, he dedicates his time to fitness, his wife, 3 beautiful daughters, clothing line and personal training business.

With his love for God and his love for helping others, his career will only continue to grow.

Dawan did a feature interview on Power 105.1 “The Sit Down” with host EmEz.

Dawan has now resigned from the Police force and pursuing body building and building his brands “Bandit Fitness” and “SwoltonHD Fitness full time.
Dawan is a signed model/actor with two top agencies out of New York and Atlanta.

Dawan is the co-owner of Bandit Fitness with Travis Hubbard @Banditzoo and owner of Swolton HD Fitness

Each day Dawan looks to get better and better in protecting his craft.

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