An Interview With Nathan Rodgers Creator Of Health And Fitness Brand Nemesis X


by Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

What inspired me to become an entrepreneur is simply not wanting to work for anybody else. Wanting to be my own boss. I also knew that working under somebody, or working for a big corporation limits your earning potential. It doesn’t matter how much you do for the company or how valuable you think you may be, they essentially control your fate. I decided to stop putting all my effort into building somebody else’s dream that didn’t value me, and put effort and hard work into building my own dream.

Tell us about your business and merchandise.

 My business is called Nemesis X. A clothing lifestyle brand that promotes health and fitness, motivation and inspiration into becoming the best version of yourself. My Brand represents what health and fitness is to me. “You Vs. You” you are your own worst enemy. Silence the nagging voice in your head telling you “NO” or “it’s to hard” use your inner Nemesis as fuel and motivation to become more! 

When people buy my merchandise I want them to feel the energy and spirit that went into building this brand. Every time you put on an NX shirt or a pair of NX shorts I want people to feel motivated! And of coarse stylish. My merchandise can be described as “Athletic Leisurewear” meaning you can wear it both at the gym, or to dress up in. Right now we just have shirts and shorts, but we are working on so much more. Hats, hoodies and a women’s collection are all on the way! 

Tell us about your most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur.

The most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur is betting on yourself. Understanding that the burden is on your shoulders, and taking responsibility. There is no steady paycheck as an entrepreneur, everything you earn you have to get up and work for. You have to set your own schedule, and be discipline enough to stick to that schedule. There is no clock in clock out system as an entrepreneur, you are constantly on the clock. If you can’t manage that pressure and rise up to the occasion then entrepreneurship is not the route for you. Lastly, I believe you have to have ultimate faith and confidence in what you are doing. If you don’t then it’s hard to stay motivated. Bumps in the road are going to happen. People will turn on you, but if you let that stop you and you loose faith you are done. 

Tell us about some of the feedback or ratings of your merchandise?

The feedback has been fantastic! The shirts are dry- fit which forms to the body really well. Customers love the material and the look of the shirts. The shorts are my favorite. A Cotten/polyester blend. The premium shorts are probably some of the most comfiest shorts I have ever worn. An actual quote from a customer “these are the comfiest shorts I’ve ever worked out in”. I take pride in what is attached to my name so I want to make sure I’m putting out quality merchandise that people love and that will last! 

Where can people purchase your merchandise?

All my merchandise can be found on my website

How can people follow you on social media?

My social media handles are the following –
– th3kidd_nate-
YouTube – th3kidd_nate –
Facebook – Nate Rodgers –
LinkedIn – Nathan Rodgers –
Patreon – Nate Rodgers 

Where would you like for your business to be in the next five years?

I am a very live in the moment type of person, but in the next 5 years I expect my business to be recognized globally as one of if not the top Health and fitness/lifestyle brands in the world