Actor-William H. Bryant Jr. of Greenleaf


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an actor?

I was actually inspired to become an actor by comic books and super hero movies.  I’m a pretty big comic book geek so every time I watch or read one I can’t help but think that it’d be a dream come true if I got to portray one on screen. 

How do you manage the high level of competitiveness in the entertainment industry?

I try not to think of it as a competition between peers but rather one against myself to become a better actor and to be as prepared as I can for when opportunities do actually end up coming around.  All I can control is how hard I work and my ability to do my best when I need to.  I was also told that whatever role you DON’T get, doesn’t belong to you, and the ones that you DO get are yours.  So that, too, helps me manage whatever negative thoughts try to seep into my mind when it comes to “competition”

What has your experience been like working on the hit series “Greenleaf”?

Working on Greenleaf has truly been a dream come true.  From working with thee most amazing cast and crew to just being able to live out this crazy dream has been nothing short of amazing and I couldn’t be more grateful for an opportunity like this one.  Not to mention working with and getting to learn from some of the best to ever do this. 

What is your process to prepare for an audition?

Well, first I read the breakdown, then the script, then the breakdown again.  Then I try to let it breathe for a little bit if I have a little bit of time and I just sit on it and think.  Then I get to memorizing and coming up with something compelling to bring in.

What other projects are you working with these days?

Currently I am in a play in Vancouver for one weekend that opens up August 6th and closes on the 10th. It’s a premiere of a play called Branches by Jorden Birch about two strangers taking a walk through the park who end up developing a relationship as a result of what transpired under the circumstances in which they met.

What advice do you have for someone who is interested in becoming an actor?

I would say patience is probably the most important piece of advice I have ever gotten in regards to this business.  Things hardly ever happen quick and without patience it can be very easy for discouraging and negative thoughts to ease their way in.  So don’t panic, as long as you want it, it shall happen.  It just takes a little patience.

What is the most challenging aspect of being in the entertainment industry?

I’d say once you’re through with a role or done shooting whichever project you’re working on and you don’t quite have anything lined up yet, it can be tough not knowing what’s next.  That period in which you have to be really patient can be a bit trying, but like I said, being patient and finding healthy ways to get through it mentally really help.   

What other type of roles are you interested in playing?

I do love procedurals. I love playing a lawyer and I think it’d be awesome to play a cop, firefighter, or military.  But besides those I think it’d be really cool to play a wizard in the Harry Potter universe or something like that because growing up I loved reading and watching those too!


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