An Interview with Trainer And Bodybuilder Rakeem O Gayle


By Taroue Brooks

Why did you become an entrepreneur?

I became an entrepreneur because I was actually encourage by my mother to do so. Many times where I had a job or if I didn’t and would talk to my family about how can I make more money. My mom would suggest “ you should quit, and start your own business. Get your own . So there no cap”. Each time she said that I got closer to the leap of faith. It took working 3 jobs at over 100 hours a week to realize that wasn’t the way to make a lot of money. I started my personal training business / and real estate as well now. The rest is history. 

What inspired you to get into the fitness industry?
I always aspired to be a model, and I found myself working out 1-2 hours a day originally. As I saw the physical change I got hooked. Then I realized people were following suit and I was now motivating/ influencing people with just my action of being myself. That motivated me to want to get in better shape. I also started to pick up paid gigs for modeling or clothing brands etc. and thought this is fun! Getting paid to workout and do what I’d do for free. 

What is it about body building that has you so committed?
Bodybuilding is a competitive sport where you can keep being an athlete with no technical age cut off! I’m committed to bodybuilding because the sport motivates me to bring my best. Which helps me to focus my mind set for an allotted amount of time and each time evolve my mind and then bosh from event to event. It allows me to show myself and others that anything is Accomplishable with hard work and commitment.

What does training look like for a competition?
Training for a Competition consists of 1-2 hours of lifting a day. 45-75 mins of cardio daily. Reduced calories and low carbs. A mental and physical beast !
What are your goals in the fitness industry?
My goals in the fitness industry is to become a fitness icon. A published model. Also an International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) professional and Olympian athlete in the sport. Which automatically makes you one of the best athletes in the world.

Tell us about your online personal training.
My online training right now is going very well! I have many online clients. I created there diet, nutritional plan, cardio regiment, while also workout of out with some people 1-2x a week. It has allowed me to create self starting plans for many people and give me the free time to focus on my self and the clients as well. 

What advice do you have for someone seeking to become a body builder?
Go all in! Get to it as fast as you can with professional al guidance. And be relentless .

What’s next for Rakeem Gayle?
I’d like to get Into some tv/ modeling stuff while still growing my online business, real estate flips, and travel a lot with fitness related/ paid work! So I’d like to be occupied for the better . 

Rakeem O Gayle 
National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Trainer (NASM)
AAA-ISMA  Certified Personal Trainer

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IG: Mrrelentless_
Facebook: Rakeem Gayle