Paula Pierce Fitness Company Owner


By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your company and services.

My fitness company offers online fitness programs and information coupled with my fitness apparel line. My studio is another entity which offers rehearsal space, a podcast room, beauty bar, recording studio and vip lounge.

How have you had to pivot during Covid-19?

I had to completely turn around for COVID.
With my studio I had to completely reinvent myself. Went from a dance and event space to what it is now with the help of my news business partners.
With my fitness I lost my in person traction and decided to put it all online knowing things would never be the same. And at the time the clients I did have where uncomfortable going to the gyms so luckily they had my studio as an option but that limited my prospects and online seemed like the better and more up to date solution.

What inspired you to focus on fitness?

Fitness has always been apart of my life. I started as a dancer and when my 15 year career came to an end fitness was an easy transition for me 15 years ago. But it was in the last few years when I realized how vital fitness was in my life and realizing I could help others reach their goals.
>> Share information about the most impressive transformation that you made with a client.
Because of COVID I didn’t have the opportunity to make any dramatic transformations as my progress was cut short as I was just  beginning my fitness journey as a trainer.

Tell us about your modeling.

Modeling always came easy for me. Mostly I always got pushed into it. I started with print and runway 24 years ago. From there I became a fubu model and from there I moved into music videos. Sadly at this time my height restricted me as those barriers weren’t broken yet and the major agencies wouldn’t sign me because I was too short at 5’5
As I started doing videos and traveling and meeting people in the industry I opted out of being in front of the camera and got behind it as a directors assistant learning the business from a different angle. Now I jus take pictures to showcase my fitness.

Where would you like to see your company in the next five years?
Everywhere. I would like to see my brand or an evolution of my brand in a major market.
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Paula Pierce is more than making her mark on business; she is finding ways to improve people’s lives across the country so that they can live fully too. As a multifaceted businesswoman and philanthropist, she has developed successful businesses and ideas that cultivate her love for health awareness, community, and sustainability. Her passion for health and fitness led her to become a fitness coach, where she presently guides clients on establishing and maintaining healthy habits. Paula is also the owner of Showcase Studioz, a full-fledged entertainment facility located in Atlanta that houses a podcast room, rehearsal space, beauty bar, and lounge. Showcase Studioz is one of the most sought-after businesses in the music and entertainment industry for the city. Paula made sure to build something that represented all of the things she wants to give to the world, such as opportunity, access, and hope to make important dreams happen.

Paula spent most of her younger years in New York, recognizing that fitting in was never part of her calling. As a mixed-race woman, she never fully identified with either side of her family, but she did find the strength to believe in herself. She always knew she could do many great things. She would dance from age three until high school, transforming into a more well-rounded woman who wanted to surround herself with like-minded people. That would nurture her start with her fitness career. Once dancing was done, it was only natural that she continued working out and finding ways to stay connected with others. Along with the studio, she has a popular clothing line, 113Fits, for men and women. Paula spent many years as a successful dental professional, so also close to her heart is the S.M.I.L.E. (Smiles Make Impressions a Lasting Eternity) Foundation that she created. The mission is to inform and assist people with their dental health. Paula is full of powerful promise and dedicated to ensuring that those around her find their purpose in life. Even with her demanding schedule and ventures, her top priority will always remain being the mother to her wonderful son and daughter.