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by: Kymberly Amara

With over 35 years in culinary arts and hospitality, Chef Gerry Garvin better known as, G. Garvin has more than solidified his place as both a subject matter expert in the culinary industry and as a successful businessman. Known for his savory Southern cuisine and television shows, Turn Up The Heat With G. Garvin and Road Trip With G. Garvin, we wondered what the Chef has been up to lately.  Well, it turns out he has done more than a few things. As an acclaimed chef, cookbook author, and serial restaurateur, G.Garvin is keeping busy maintaining a focus that is sure to cement his legacy for years to come. We had the chance to catch up with him and we’re excited to share some of his latest pursuits.

On his latest book and his love of writing…

“People see you as one way you know a chef or a TV chef, but I’ve always been more, I’ve always loved writing so I’ve always written.” Beyond his notable series of award-winning cookbooks that have blessed us with tasty recipes and simple cooking tips, Garvin recently penned a new project that is certain to resonate in the hearts and minds of many. In A Message To My Children, Garvin strives to address behavioral issues that we all encounter to humanize one another by discussing things that are “relevant to all of us.” In the book, Garvin shares about 1100 quotables that represent how we should relate to one another from puberty to adulthood by pushing us to be more considerate and just a little bit nicer to one another. Originally published in December of 2018, Garvin desires to spread goodness and inspire someone to keep moving forward. A Message To My Children is available at www.ggarvinmarket.com .

On Sustainability and Navigating His Career in Culinary Arts & Hospitality…

“Being Black in the culinary industry when I started was very very difficult and complex. There are still issues I believe exist, there are not enough people that represent Black and Brown in the TV space. I don’t know why that is you know I try not to use it as a handicap but as a focal point to continue pushing my career forward.” It’s no secret that Black people and other people of color experience disparities on many levels especially when it comes to advancing in their professional careers. From Hollywood to Corporate, there are too many examples to count of bias, barriers, and limited opportunities for advancement. With the belief that we are all born with a backbone that develops as we mature and grow; despite the obstacles, Chef Garvin says, “It is what it is, I keep grinding. I work in a world where I create my narrative and I believe in me.” Garvin credits his mother and mentors such as Magic Johnson and Reginald Washington and Michael Norris with maintaining focus and staying resilient.

On His Current Ventures…

“I think over the years I’ve done everything in the restaurant business. I think I’ve done it right with honesty and integrity.” Garvin, an Atlanta native recently opened an upscale steakhouse and bistro, Low Country Steak. Located in Midtown Atlanta, Low Country touts its mission is, “to bring New Southern Cuisine to the masses.” Just what exactly is New Southern Cuisine? With Chef Garvin, it is the perfect mingling between beloved American dishes blended with southern regional styles of cooking. “

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Other ventures include his production company, One Bite Productions where he executive produces shows such as Butter & Brown (AspireTV). His Consulting Company, Garvin Food Group, has also partnered with corporations like SodexoMagic as chief Culinary Advisor to support the food service  and the development and creation of services such as the development and creation of menus and flavorful recipes serving HBCUs, hospitals, and other organizations. Through his consulting company, he has also partnered with companies like Humble Baron, Uncle Nearest, Coca Cola, and Delta. He also plans on having more restaurants by the next decade.  “I have developed a restaurant concept you know new business features where I’m consulting. I’m growing my business, you know I’ll be at ten restaurants in the next eight years and that’s what I want, that’s what I believe in.”

On Entrepreneurship & What’s Next…

Having already achieved so much, Chef Garvin has created his own platform making it easier to pursue his goals and dreams while he continues to expand his brand. He has a keen sense of what it takes to continue growing and positively influence the world through food. As with most entrepreneurial endeavors, the stakes are high and it takes grit to stay in the game. He says, “We are responsible for budgets that are usually upfront. You gotta pay to play. But I’m at a place in my life where I’m okay with that. I’m okay using my own money to continue driving my own narrative but it’s expensive. It takes real money to continue driving your own platform.” The challenges faced by business growth and expansion can overwhelm even the savviest entrepreneurs, but Garvin is laser-focused. “My day is dedicated to providing something to someone whether it the restaurant, the consulting company, the group, the family, you know by the time I get done with my day whether its SodexoMagic, then off to one of the restaurants and then five or six Zoom calls from the other business and then back home at night to write more recipes for G. Garvin Live, you know 2 ‘o’clock in the morning I sit down to watch the news and in the morning get up to get coffee and get up and do it all over again.”

Staying true to his foundation which is rooted in food, Garvin’s will to win is impeccable. Guided by his belief in God, hard work, and desire to leave a purposeful life behind, he plans to continue “grinding” to grow his business so that his children won’t have to work as hard “Food has always been my life. Food didn’t change my life, it saved my life. It’s all I’ve ever known, it’s all I love and everything I am now as today.”

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