Eric Taylor: The Master Barber


By Staff

What inspired you to become a barber?

Creativity and for the freedom and flexibility.

Tell us about your experience when you were in barber school.

I had a fun experience in barber school as this was the career that I set up to obtain. I enjoyed the experience of learning from my fellow classmates, having the opportunities to not just cut and styled African-Americans but also other races and ethnicities.

How has Covid 19 impacted your industry?

COVID 19 didn’t really have an impact on me as I had just relocated from Texas to Georgia, so I took that time to enjoy my family and just work on myself mentally, physically and spiritually.

Who have you modeled yourself after in the industry and why?

I really having model myself after anyone.

Barbering is such a competitive industry, what are your specialties that separates you from others?

I am not only a barber, I am also a stylist with over twenty plus years of doing women natural hair. I am also a colorist, a makeup artist and a photographer.

What are three goals you have set for yourself to enhance your career?

1) Attend more classes to master my craft 

2) Provide top notch customer service experience 

3) Update my business profile

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?

I am not quite sure what the future holds, but I see this experience at Tony’s Barber Studio playing an important role in helping me make that decision.