“Compassionate Caregivers: Navigating Cancer’s Challenges” virtual educational series available now!

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By Foundation for Women’s Cancer

The FWC’s newest educational series “Compassionate Caregivers: Navigating Cancer’s Challenges” is now available. This virtual series of educational sessions for caregivers of cancer patients is a combination of self-study and live webinars accessible by phone or computer. The content of each module is intended to equip caregivers with strategies to de-emotionalize decisions, enhance communication skills, and provide tips and tools to maximize engagement with the gynecologic oncologist and treatment process. Take a look at the six available modules below:

Module 1: The Journey Begins

This module will start at their cancer diagnosis: what initial exams to expect, what certain results may mean, what types of doctors you will be meeting, how to build a relationship with the doctors, how to be present at appointments, and how to show up for your person.

Module 2: A Continuing Journey

This module will discuss all things before, during, and after common surgeries. 

Module 3: Staying the Course

This module will introduce the basics for the different types of therapies and expected side effects. 

Module 4: Navigating Relationship Changes

This module reviews ways to have conversations with your loved one about each other’s needs and for checking in with each other regularly as needs change.

Module 5: Staying Afloat

This module reviews how to care for yourself while caring for another so you can show up for them fully. For example, tips on how manage guilt and high expectations of yourself.

Module 6: Dancing with “NED”

This module reviews the path to recovery and things to note for surveillance.

Downloadable resources and webinar recordings are also available.

This series is aimed at helping caregivers support loved ones by becoming active participants in the care team, confidently discussing stigmatized elements of gynecologic cancer, gaining skills to balance time and prioritize their own mental health and more. Click here to start your virtual caregiver journey!