TMI & Partners Ltd. A Business Solutions Company Accepts Offer To Become A Direct Agent For FundingNet

By Staff

TMI & Partners Ltd. ( a 12-year-old business solutions company recently accepted an offer to become a direct agent for FundingNet, an international private lending group headquartered in Nevis with a Current Portfolio of Over $6 Billion dollars.

Through TMI and Partners new relationship with FundingNet, they have the ability to offer Borrowers and Project Owner the opportunity to receive 100% funding for their projects with no additional fees or costs, at industry leading lending terms. TMI & Partners Ltd has worked with FundingNet as an outside broker for the past several years. With this new relationship TMI has even more opportunity to provide clients with additional benefits and programs to fund their projects.

FundingNet is a lender who loans capital to all types of Business Projects, from Real Estate, to Technology, to Mining, to Entertainment, Infrastructure projects, governments, oil, factoring, and hedge Funds.

“FundingNet is thrilled to welcome TMI & Partners, Ltd to our network of direct agents. As TMI operates out of New York City and has an extensive network of associates advancing their offerings to clients across the northeast, we are excited for the opportunities TMI brings to the FundingNet family. Alvin Hartley and his partners have long been tremendous supporters of FundingNet’s programs, and we look forward to a long and mutually valuable alliance.” Cliff Endicott, Sr. Vice President, FundingNet

TMI & Partners, Ltd Alvin Hartley, Senior Partner, Courtney Barrett Bryan, VP Funding / Entertainment, Simone Godette, Chief Financial Officer, Charles Woolfolk, VP New Business

About TMI & Partners, Ltd
Offering over a Decade of Business Services. Alvin Hartley, Senior Partner, “TMI & Partners, Ltd. is a Business Solution Company with full capabilities to perform business services in the Urban and General Markets. We offer over 20 Complete Business Solution Categories. TMI & Partners, Ltd. has over 75 Services that will assist our clients.”

TMI Business Advisors analyze all areas of a client’s business in order to solve problems and develop a plan that creates a solution for sustainable growth. For small and larger businesses, TMI can educate and guide clients through every step the funding.

About FundingNet

In 2005, the introduction of FundingNet’s “Multiples” lending platform revolutionized how projects could be funded. Originally working exclusively with retail lenders, and now offering those same wholesale benefits directly to end-user borrowers, the Multiples program fully mitigates the borrower’s risk through remarkably low rates/costs, and industry leading lending terms. FundingNet’s project assessment process follows a simple yet logical procedure that facilitates loans for many higher-risk ventures that would usually struggle to attain financing through traditional channels. With representatives worldwide, FundingNet lends to Real Estate Developments, Television/Film Projects, Infrastructure Projects, National/Global Tours, Sporting Events, Gaming Industry / Casinos among many other markets. These loans are structured in a way to ensure zero financial risk for the borrowing project’s Private Investors and Financers.

Project Range: $5 million to $5 Billion.

Number of Projects Funded: Over 400

Total Funding to date: Over $18 Billion

Current Portfolio: Over $6 Billion

Head Office: Nevis

TMI FundingNet Video Presentation


Office: 212 812-6183 Fax: 212 417-0128