Dalando Baker-Inspired To Become A Nurse

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By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become a nurse?
I’ve always had compassion and desire to help those in need. Growing up in a single parent household my mother took in my ill grandmother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s at 60 years old. That experience definitely groomed me for the nursing career I would later pursue.

How has working in the medical field impacted your life?
That’s a loaded question lol. I would say it has mostly taught me to be patient. I’m the type of guy who likes to go into work get my job done and go home. In the medical field it’s not that easy. Dealing with patients you have to work on a case to case basis and the requires you to allocate more time to some patients versus others.

What advice do you have for young African Americans who aspire to work in the medical field?

The best advise I would give to anyone pursing a career in the medical field is to do your research on the school you choose to go to. Your success is based on you as a student as well as the educational institution you choose to attend.

How do you process how America views Black men?

That’s also another loaded question lol. From my experience I would say Black men have many facets and that affects how we are viewed from a positive and negative perspective. I think regardless how we are viewed by society it is our duty to be our best selves and unapologetically be in our brown skin.

What entrepreneurial ventures do you hope to accomplish?

Well, I’ve owned a clothing store which recently closed at the top of this year. As far as future endeavors I’m still exploring the possibilities. I love to travel and i definitely love entrepreneurship so we’ll have to see what the universe brings my way.

What has been the most challenging thing you had to overcome and how did you do it?

In my mid 20’s I struggled with a gambling addiction. It really took over my life for a few years and had a major affect on my mental health. Getting over that chapter of my life required me to go to rehab, change my surroundings and focus on keeping the right energies around me. I’m very sensitive to energy and if it’s negative or not progressive i won’t allow it in my space.

Where do you see your life in the next five years?

Honestly I’m still exploring that. I will say I would like to be traveling the world with peace in my heart. Doing things that only contribute to my growth and happiness.

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