A new year brings new possibilities, new choices and new hope for the future. That’s why we tend to think about lifestyle changes in the New Year.

Here are some tips to help you actually keep the resolutions you make this year…

By Anwar Aiken (Lead YOUniversity)

1. Keep It Simple.To ensure that you don’t get carried away by setting a resolution you have no hope of fulfilling. Simplify your resolutions to ensure you can achieve them

2. Know What You Want.

Agreeing to a New Year’s Resolution just because you feel you should is setting yourself up for failure. Instead, choose to change something you really desire to change and your chances for success are much greater.

3. Be Realistic.

Sure, you may want to lose 25 pounds in a week, but besides being unhealthy, it’s utterly unrealistic. Instead, set realistic expectations for what you can accomplish within the time frame.

4. Make It Public.

Tell friends and family about your New Year’s Resolution, don’t try to keep it to yourself. Letting others know your plans firms up your decision in your own mind and helps you stay accountable.

5. Follow The Leader.

Learn how others have successfully made the change you desire. Doing so will help you avoid pitfalls and build realistic expectations.

6. No Repeat Resolutions.

If you’ve resolved to lose 10 pounds year after year, it may be time to set a different resolution. Instead, resolve to exercise three times a week. This will accomplish the same results, but it frames your lifestyle change in a different light.

7. Break It Down.

Rather than focusing on one huge life-altering change, opt for smaller, more manageable changes that you can track and accomplish more easily.

8. Make A Plan.

Once you know the steps you need to take to fulfill your resolution, decide what you’ll do first, then do it! Plan each step in advance so you’ll know how to proceed as you reach each small goal.

9. Be Patient, Not Complacent.

It takes time to develop habits and behaviors, and it can take even longer to change them. Be patient with yourself and expect gradual, rather than immediate, results.

10. Relax!

Change, even good change, can be stressful. We’re creatures of comfort and stepping out of our comfort zones can create stress and anxiety. Strive to disallow stress from getting the best of you.

By putting these strategies into practice, you’ll give yourself a chance at a great start to a wonderful new year.  May your new year be filled with happiness, love, and the change you desire!  It’s your life and your dream.  Go get it.

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