Help For You And Yours-A Message From Dr Ro


By Dr. Ro

While the world seems to be upside down and you may not know what to do in these rapidly changing times be reminded that you’re going to make it through this. And since you are YOU are worth the very best that life offers and you are responsible for giving it to yourself. To that end, I want to encourage you to use this pandemic moment to take the action that you’ve been leaving on the back burner. In the end, you’ll be proud of yourself for doing what you needed to do, instead of sitting around the house and overeating snack foods that zap your energy and cause weight-gain. The last thing you want at the end of this road is to emerge heavier and less healthy and fit than you were when you started (self-distancing). Try these simple and easy workouts to start moving now! 

Walking Workout

  • Walk Briskly for 1-2 miles (your choice) on treadmill or outside (self-distance)

Bathroom workout
 While brushing your teeth: 

  • 25 Squats
  • 10 Side leg raises (each leg)
  • 10 Back leg raises
  • 30 Tricep Dips on side of bathtub (morning & before bed)

Stair Workout:

  • Go up and down staircase 3 times. Rest between trips if you need to. On first trip at bottom of stairs, do Tricep Dips–two sets of 15 reps each.
  • Return to stairs. On third trip at bottom of stairs, do Tricep Dips–two sets of 15 reps each.
  • Congratulations! You’re Done!

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