An Interview with Jordan Joseph


By Taroue Brooks

How did you get into the entertainment business?

Interesting enough at 3 months old I was in a car accident that killed me for moments. When they were able to revive me, they told my mother I wouldn’t walk, talk, or learn as normal children. At the time one side of my brain was bigger than the other and am I even suffered from seizures. Here with a purpose, I remember being a young toddler hearing my mother play Prince and as I grew Michael Jackson. I also grew up loving Pop music from something such as the Backstreet Boys or Boys II Men. To Usher, Eminem, Chris Brown, Craig David, Aaliyah, and Drake. My stepfather was a music producer and ran his own label, so his kids got to meet many of the now big artist then such as the Original Destiny Child, Beyoncé, Usher, LL Cool J, Raven Symone, Queen Latifah, and many more were autographs on the walls of his studio, so music has always been in my life.

I dreamed of LA as a kid. My Grandfather Pap-Pap (Moms dad) and Granny (Dads Mom) were the 2 that believed in that dream of coming to Los Angeles and pursuing my dream of being a Star. Originally, I went to college to go eventually gain my degree in criminal justice to become a lawyer. Instead, I left Michigan to Atlanta, GA which started my journey to where I am now. 6 years later from Atlanta to living out of my car to eventually be discovered by Nick Cannon.

Tell us about your modeling career.

Once I arrived in Atlanta I immediately got to work as a server and front desk associate at a gym, so fitness soon became a huge part of my life. This welcomed fashion week runways shows in Atlanta, as well as 2013 Male Face of the year for a Los Angeles Top model competition where I walked the runway for and was an ambassador/Website Front Page FT DFYANT 2015 Spring Collection. Such jobs lead me to be a a leading man in Tamar Braxtons “If I Don’t Have You” or features with Keke Palmer, LA Jean Brand Victorious LA, and even my later Los Angeles Fitness job Equinox.

Tell us about your music

My music speaks to the heart of all. I call it a love tone. I believe through harmony, dance, and emotion we can affect the world on levels within ourselves and that of others. If I chose a genre, I’d say Urban Pop. I believe I could do any time of music I want so long the message is love in some form or fashion. Real and fun.

What has been the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur?

Having to constantly reminder yourself how far you’ve come. There are times you fall on your face, you fail, you lose your way, and want to quit or give up then you remember who you are and why you start. When you actually look back chances are you’ve accomplished more than you realize. It’s really you against you so you have to remember to not let other insecurities or doubts, or your past define who you are becoming.

What advice would you give someone who seeks being in the entertainment industry?

Write down everything and meditate. Often times we speak it, but you learn there is more power in Writing it, believing in it, having faith in your vision, and setting deadlines for your goals.

Where do you see your career in five years?

I and the greatest artist of my time. And my career has provided inspiration, abundance, and wealth for myself and all those around me. As my goal is for me to give back to the world because the world has inspired the artist and being I and constantly becoming. I want the world to believe in love because of my career. And I want my success to build monuments of inspiration and love.

Discovered By Nick Cannon

Through many trials and tribulations struggling artist Jordan Joseph finally gets a breakthrough with Mogul Nick Cannon. Now I must get to the music and take this opportunity to show the world and Cannon what I bring to the table. This won’t be easy, but I’ve come so far.

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About Jordan Joseph

Jordan Joseph’s life was forever altered by his grandfather’s words of wisdom.

“One of the richest places in the world is a cemetery,” Jordan recalls his grandfather saying to him. “It is because so many ideas and songs and movies and books go unwritten, unheard or unseen. I didn’t want to leave this world not having done the very thing that’s in my heart and I feel like could change the world, to touch hearts and reinspire love at a time where we need it most. That alone changed everything for me.”

Moved by his grandfather’s lesson, Jordan dedicated himself to the very thing he’d been thinking about every day. The Michigan native decided to go all-in with his biggest dream, to become a singer.

Although he grew up around music and had plans of being in a group, Jordan felt as though it was his time to emerge as a solo artist. So, on April 22, 2017 (Earth Day) Jordan released the video for his cover of James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go.” Jordan had become enamored with Arthur’s voice and gravitated to the song, which helped him get through a tough time in his life, which included a break-up.

Jordan’s next cover was of “There For You,” a Martin Garrix and Troy Sivan song. He listened to the cutwhile he was working out and was thinking about the disasters in Houston and Florida, as well as the racial strife consuming America. Jordan took this as a sign that the universe was trying to bring the world together through love, and not have as much focus on politics and reality television.

While the covers helped sooth his soul, Jordan hit his creative stride with his first piece of original material. For his lead single “Cruel Intentions,” Jordan had a poetry moment where he had to stop and write about the last time he was in love. He built the song’s lyrics from that poem, resulting in a stirring urban pop record with an R&B lean and a powerful story.

“It’s about the person to be your last true love no longer being in your life and dating someone else,” Jordan reveals. “Although you get over it, you miss them. For me, the record is very true for me. After the breakup I sing about, it took a very long time for me to get over it. I was still looking at social media late at night, still texting by accident, hoping for a moment to connect. I was still thinking about the last kiss, the last time we were intimate. That’s the record. It’s about missing someone, missing the moment you had the last time you were in love.”

“Cruel Intentions” sets the stage for Jordan’s forthcoming EP, which he plans to release on Valentine’s Day.

Born in Lansing, Michigan, Jordan has plenty of rich material from which to draw for his poetry and his music.  His biological father wasn’t in his life as a child, and he was in a near-fatal car accident when he was three months old. He was dead for two minutes, and doctors told his mother and grandmother that it was a miracle that he was alive. A scar on his head is a daily reminder of the accident.

But Jordan overcame the incident and fell in love with music. His stepfather was a producer, and he and his family always had a studio in their house. Jordan loved being in the studio with his stepfather and performing with his family.

“I liked the idea of performing and having people watch,” Jordan explains. “As a kid, you don’t think about the fear of it or being judged. There was so much freedom in terms of getting in front of the family and signing and dancing all together.”

As a kid, Jordan imagined himself in a group in order to insulate himself with the type of love he didn’t get from his real father. In school, he performed in musicals and sang in both his church and high school choirs.

But when his stepfather went to prison, Jordan’s life fell apart. He stopped working on music and left home. Setting up shop in Atlanta, he pursued acting and modeling. He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue a music career, but signed with a manager who failed to deliver on his promises. This setback led Jordan to strike out on his own as a solo artist. He thought he needed to fill the void of love and confidence he felt by being in a group. Instead, he found that covering songs and now recording his own material has proven to be the elixir he’d been seeking.

“I always felt God’s gift to me was my heart,” Jordan reveals. “It is so big and I’m supposed to keep sharing it. I’ve done nothing but what I thought would be good for the world and try to inspire love and make every move that I make about love.”

Now with “Cruel Intentions” gaining steam online and his debut EP in the works, Jordan feels as though he made the right choice by mustering the strength to pursue his dreams.

“The thing that you’re scared of most in the world is probably the thing that you’re supposed to do,” he says, “because on the other side of that fear is a change that you never saw coming.”

Believe it.