We here at HEART and SOUL are pleased to meet you and Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us. We first heard of you last year from your song Cruise, then I realized it was not even the original version ,then saw the cool Cruise video. Then I went back and discovered Bombs Away, and wow Nothing Left.  Some really good songs. However Whitney, what is up with your different looks? Every song and video you have a different look? All the looks are awesome by the way, but why?? 

I don’t know if there’s a specific reason why – but I just really like experimenting with fashion and hair! I like to play dress up. I feel my videos are a good excuse for me to play dress up and express that part of myself

The different looks inspire a different question? Where are you from and what is your background? Where are your parents from? 

I am from Salem, Oregon. That’s where I grew up for most of my life. and my family is from Oregon. 

There is a new TV show that just debuted called “Mixish” Have you watched it yet and if so can you relate to it .

I have not watched it, so I don’t know if i can relate to the plot or not. But I can definitely relate to being mixed. And I’m happy that there’s representation of it on TV.  

Where did your passion in music start? I understand that you have some music royality in your family ? Your uncle and your first cousin?  How have they impacted you? 

I don’t know. I’ve always loved singing and listening to music – ever since i was little. It must have started in the womb when my mom was listening to Whitney Houston. Seeing my Uncle and Cousin’s move through their careers, its really inspiring to see their success in the music industry! and I’m thankful for the knowledge and wisdom that they have given me along my musical journey. 

Unlike many young singers today, you not only enunciate every lyric clearly, there is a lot of feeling and character in your voice but you do not over sing or riff a lot. Who are some of your influences and who do you admire currently.  I notice in most of your songs the chorus and hooks are very pronounced. 

Some of my influences are Amy Winehouse, Adele – Motown music in general has influenced me. I’m a big fan of Lizzo right now. Her confidence is really inspiring.  

From a reliable source we were informed that you are very much into health and wellness which is the focus of our magazine.  A couple of questions in that area.  

1) What is your typical  breakfast, lunch and dinner ? and is it different on the weekends as opposed to weekdays 

Typically during the week for breakfast I drink Coffee with some Oat milk. I know thats probably not the healthiest thing, but I’m not usually that hungry in the morning. On the weekends, I like to go to brunch and have breakfast. Sometimes vegan French Toast, or Chicken Sausage and Eggs. For Lunch, I usually eat either and Acai bowl or what’s left over from dinner. And for dinner, sometimes I have sushi. Sometimes I make ground bison and broccoli. And sometimes I’ll have a gluten free pizza with some vegan cheese.  

2) What do you do for relief of the everyday stress of living and pursuing a demanding career  

I like to go for walks and I like to work out on the treadmill. Sometimes just going on Youtube and finding Karaoke tracks and singing to them help me relax. I also like to watch sermons on TV. I also like to go out with friends, too.  

3) Do you work out and if so how often and what type of exercise ?  

I do workout! I like to do cardio workouts. I also workout with a trainer about three times a week. 

Very Nice. You sound very balanced.

Back to Music . Congratulations, Whitney on your single “Fireplace”; growing and expanding at Radio. We understand you recently did a radio interview and performance at WUFO in Buffalo?  Could you elaborate and share with us on how that experience was? 

Thank you, Going to Buffalo was such a nice experience. I had no idea now much musical talent came from there. I felt so welcome and blessed to be able to perform for Tom Joyner   

Congratulations as well on a music legend Bootsy shouting you out on social media?  How did you feel? Please share ?

Oh my gosh it made my whole day I was so excited. I grew up loving and listening to Bootsy’s music. So for him to give mw a shoutout was amazing 

Is there a possibility for a future collaboration? 

Nothing set up but who knows anything is possible. 

 Thank you for sharing your brand new music video of “Fireplace” with us and we are honored to share it  Tell us in your own words what did hope to capture in the video, it is a different direction from your previous videos which by the way like I said before are all very well done. Over 1.3 millions already. People are checking for you. 

I wanted to capture a warm feeling. Like the feeling you get when you’re in love or that real passionate crush type feeling. I want that to come through! Passion, heat, fire.  I think most people can relate.

 Who is the director and how did you meet him or her ?  

The Director for the Fireplace video is Patrick House. I met him over the phone through my Manager/ Uncle Marlon McClain.  

To wrap up this very interesting conversation, Whitney  Can we expect a Whitney EP or album in 2020?  

Hopefully! I’ve been working  on a body of work for a while now. So if I can get everything all pieced together right, there will be some new music out.   

Is there anything that you would like to express to our readers that we did not touch on 

I’d just like to say “Thank You” for reading my interview and please go listen to my music. 

“Fireplace” now available for streaming spotify:artist:1N1jwgW0d8Trye4nAfMFoS