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By Heart & Soul staff

Heart & Soul recently caught up with Whitney McClain for a follow up interview.

Whitney, Quite a lot has occurred in the world since our interview with you last year. The world has really changed. First, we here at Heart and Soul would like to know how are you, your family and your loved ones? 

We are all hanging in there and doing pretty well considering all the craziness that’s going on right now. I’m thankful that we are all healthy and safe.

How has the world changed for you since this pandemic? 

It’s changed a little bit for me. I’m generally a homebody so that part didn’t change much. However I do enjoy going out to eat and now that gives me the heebee geebies. I feel like this time has made me a lot more of a germaphobe I used to not care about germs.

What have you been doing to stay balanced mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually? We specifically asked spiritually because we can tell from your IG and FB posts that you are a woman of faith. 

Lately I’ve really been focusing on staying centered with god by reading my bible more and I’ve been watching the church channels on tv. There’s so many crazy things going on in the world right now that it’s easy to get discouraged or distracted so I’ve really tried to just wring things back in and give them up to god.

”Good With Pain” was inspired by a couple of past relationships I had been in. It was a constant theme for me to stay in a toxic relationship because either I believed I was in love so much that I would do anything to make the relationship last or I was strong enough to take the pain. I hope the listener gains something from my experience in speaking my truth. From the EP “Letters From A Broken Heart” Click on the link to purchase or stream https://smarturl.it/whitneymcclainep

Has your diet or exercise routine changed during this pandemic ? If so, how ? 

Well my diet in the beginning of the pandemic was very much self soothing full of comfort food and donuts and treats. As of lately I’ve started a cleanse cutting out sugar and most carbs and mainly eating meat fish and green veggies. As far as exercise goes it’s been about the same. I have a personal trainer so thankfully I’ve been able to continue working out with her.

Last, but definitely not least. We would like discuss your new EP “Letters From A Broken Heart”. We love it, especially the song  “Good With Pain”.  What was the inspiration behind this tune? 

Good with pain was inspired by a past relationship I was in. When writing the song I reflected on how I was so in love and invested with this relationship that wasn’t good for me but I didn’t care because I believed I was strong enough to handle the pain it put me through.Could you tell us who you collaborated with on each song. For Good With Pain, Fireplace and Don’t Believe Ya I collaborated with the Producers Da Beatfreakz and their writing team who consisted of Myles Brown, Joe Chiari, Darren Boachie, Mack Jamieson and also Davi Jordan. For Fall So Far I collaborated with Producer Ralph B. Stacy, Marlon McClain II and Davi Jordan. 

The chemistry between the musicians and your voice is something we do have often hear in today’s popular music. Out of curiosity, do you write to music tracks or are musical tracks composed around your lyrics. Or does it depend on the song?  Inquiring minds would like to know for each song on “Letters From A Broken Heart”  

I usually write songs to tracks that I vibe with. The only song on the project that came from scratch was “Don’t Believe Ya”.  

Whitney McClain – Don’t Believe Ya
Don’t Believe Ya (Acoustic) From the EP “Letters From A Broken Heart” Click on the link to purchase or stream https://smarturl.it/whitneymcclainep

Whitney, Thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions and please feel free to share anything you would like our Heart and Soul readers to know that we did not ask you.  

I am actually really enjoyed performing via livestream; it’s a lot of fun. At first I thought it was kind of awkward not being able to really see or interact with the audience, but I’m getting used to it the more I perform this way. 

I would like Heart and Soul readers to know that… I know times are crazy right now, and we all have so many things were going through every day. But we need to remember to keep God in the forefront, and trust that everything will work out. Thank you guys so much for your ongoing support.

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