Otis Weary Jr. Celebrity Executive Chef

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By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become a chef?
I come from a family of rich culture in the food and hospitality based in southern Louisiana and Atlanta, Georgia. I was inspired to be a chef after cooking nearly my entire life and experiencing the beautiful affect it has on people from all walks of life. 

What type of training have you had?
I trained professionally at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. 

What is your favorite food to prepare and why?
My favorite food to prepare is seafood and shellfish. I’ve seen the most customer satisfaction from my Mediterranean Seafood Scampi over the years. 

Why have meal preps taking off with so much popularity?
Meal prep services is now at the top of my culinary chart because our culture is now so much more conscious of our health and fitness lifestyle. We have seen for years now the affects of unhealthy diets and a lot of ya have suffered loss of family and loved ones due to our dietary choices. I believe people are a lot more woke now.

What advice would you give someone who seeks to lose weight?
If you seek weight loss, my advice to you would be to seek a strict Vegan or vegetarian diet with little to no carbohydrates. The excess fat weight will naturally fall off. If you have a very active lifestyle, I would recommend adding carbs to your diet. Consume carbs only in the morning up to no more than eight hours after you’ve waken up the day. 
Obesity is really high in the United States. What is your theory as to why? Obesity is at an all time high and has been for a few decades. I believe obesity is based on our consumption of both animals and processed complex foods in our diets. Our bodies simply don’t recognize these foods and do not know how to use them. Unknown foods get stored as fat in our body systems. 

Who are some of your notable clients?
How did you secure them as clients?
I secured clients that I consider notable by the old saying, “you attract more bees with honey.” I’ve heard my father say this countlessly and it has stuck with me as it stands true in almost ever aspect of my life. 

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?
I would like to see my meal prep company offering it’s services with prepared food shipping nationwide. 


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