Sheabria Gills: Screenwriter, Director, Producer, Filmmaker, Actress, Model and Singer


By Taroue Brooks

What happened that made you realize that you had talent to sing?

I always knew I had talent to sing, I would sing a little bit here and there growing up, but I never took singing seriously. My father was a musician with his own band and a guitar, so it runs in the family. I had no idea that I would be following his footsteps, sometimes it takes the right situation to bring things out of you.

What inspired you to become a recording artist?

I never saw myself as a singer/songwriter or rapper, I went through a breakup and in the midst of me crying, throwing stuff and just having a full out tantrum. I went to sleep one night; this song came to me as clear as day. It had come to me in the form of a beat and lyrics. I woke up out my sleep, grabbed my iPhone and recorded what I remembered from that dream. It was so clear to me, I pulled it out my dream and then became “so hurt”.

Tell us about any training, coaching or experience you have had with singing.

I haven’t had any coaching or experience; my dad didn’t know I could sing. He passed away in 2010. He never knew that the years of him singing to me and my sister, that I would be taking guitar lessons and singing myself, and honestly neither did I.

Sheabria Gills

What do you want people to experience with your music?

I want people to feel me, feel me through my music, have a good time, dance and express themselves through my music, I’m so versatile

Who are some of the recording artists that you admire and why?

Beyoncé of course, RiRi, Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, these are influential people in the industry doing their thing and I’m inspired by it all!

What does success look like for you?

Success to me looks like a Single Mother of 2 beautiful girls showing them that no matter the struggle, the hurtle that come in your way, you can do anything in life and to walk with purpose. Showing them that if there is anything you ever want to accomplish, don’t let nothing stand in your way. You aim for that accomplishment, because it’s so rewarding when you make it on the other!

Where can people purchase your music?

People can purchase my music on Spotify, Pandora, Tidal, Apple Music, YouTube, all music streaming platforms!

Sheabria Gills


Sheabria Gills is a Screenwriter/Director/Singer/Songwriter/Rapper and Mother with a passion for doing anything her heart desires. A Chicago Native, her writing, creativity and versatility is truly groundbreaking as she is breaking barriers. Being a trail blazer, paving the way for others after her, she believes you can’t be successful in something until you do it, you can’t gain experience in something until you do it so let’s become Doers and create your own Future!

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