Through our friends at Purpose Music Group/ Art Agency Group we were introduced to Modern Day Renaissance Man BRIAN OWENS


(Husband, Father of 7, Singer, Songwriter, Minister, Instructor, Mentor , Business Man )


Thank you for taking the time to talk with us about your new single “Carry You” which has really moved us here at  Heart and Soul. 

I’m honored to be asked. Thank you for promoting health and wellness for and among our people.  

We see that you co-wrote this song with Tony Esterly. Could you break down for us what part each of you contributed to this song and how was it composed including the inspiration? 

For me, it was truly the purest embodiment of collaboration. We both contributed to the conceptual, instrumental and lyrical framework of the song and it came together rather quickly.  

As you know and mentioned Heart and Soul Magazine is an outlet that focuses on Health and Wellness, We feel that this song is timely in that regard, the lyrics, the vocals the musical approach are all very soothing. In composing  this song was that the intention?  

At the time, a young man who has become a son to me was in the midst of several life transitions and unpacking years of trauma. My wife and I were somewhat at a loss as to how best to love and support him. This song was born out of that feeling of helplessness and hope. At the time we needed something greater than ourselves to hold us up as we attempted to walk with him. God truly carried us through and looking back we have no doubt about that fact.  

 Wow, that is really special. Blessing to you and your wife for being patient and giving that young man support.  I am assuming that single cover is your Dad holding you?  Is that the case and if so could you explain in detail the single cover choice?  

It is my father and I at a church gathering when I was around 3 or 4. As I reflected on the meaning of the song, that was the picture that came to mind. I’ve always loved that photo but now as a father it speaks to me on so many levels. In the photo, I’m being held and there was such a sense of security being with my father. And now, even though I’m the one that’s doing the holding and the carrying for the most part, I realize everyday that I still need that sense of security, and for me, in Christ, I’ve found it, and it all started in the arms of my father.  

You and your Dad made quite an impact with your very soulful and passionate interpretation of “A Change Is Gonna Come”, that was also timely. Your Dad has a great voice, are there any plans to do more recordings with him? BRIAN OWENS and THOMAS OWENS :”A Change is Gonna Come” 

Actually, we have another duet recorded for the Love Came Down album. I’m really excited to share it with everyone. I don’t want to give too much away, but I will say that it is a Stevie Wonder cover. 

We respect that for now, we wont pry, though personally I hope it is ‘Visions”.  Switching gears. Congratulations on being a Husband, father of 7, minister and teacher?  How do you balance all of those roles.  

In short…Amanda Owens (my wife). Along with prayer, healthy eating, sleeping and physical activity. Also, God has surrounded me with a wonderful community of supporters who challenge me and who extend to me a lot of grace. Lastly, the power and freedom of saying no and the wisdom to know when to say it. 

 What do you and your wife Amanda do to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle including diet and exercise for your family? 

 I think we are still trying things, but talking to one another and making sure that in our individual faith journeys we are diligent and seeking growth. We also do not prioritize our children ahead of our marriage. Don’t get me wrong, we love them dearly, but our world cannot revolve around them. It starts with our relationships with God, then marriage, then our 7 beautiful gifts.  

Are Amanda or any of your children musically gifted or inclined as well? 

They are! Amanda has a degree in music education and taught middle school for 2 years prior to having our oldest son. She was also a Kindermusik educator. She now teaches music for our kids homeschool co-op. She’s a really gifted teacher. As a result, all of our kids sing and the older 3 take piano lessons.   

What is the perfect breakfast , lunch and dinner for Brian Owens? 

Fresh green smoothie for breakfast, a Keto salad for lunch and Thai or Indian food for dinner.  

Back to “Carry You” who are the Royal Five ?

 The Royal Five is the name given to the collection of phenomenal musicians that laid the foundation for “Carry You” and the entire Love Came Down album. They are Peter Martin, Jon Cowherd, Stephan Crump, Steve Potts and Sherod Barnes. The name comes from the studio we recorded in, the famed Royal Studio in Memphis. Shout out to Boo Mitchell! 

Is there anything that you would like to say about ”Carry You” that we have not already asked ? 

My prayer is that the song can bring a sense of hope and healing in a very real and tangible way to each listener, and that they can discover the true, unconditional, carrying love of the heavenly Father.  

We can hear the healing and sense of hope and think that prayer will be answered when people hear the song. By the way, what current artists are on your playlist right now? 

PJ Morton, Jonathan McReynolds, Michael McDonald, Shane & Shane, and our artists from the newly formed Life Creative Group, FLOW Artist Collective, Pacomaxxed, Cecil, Malena Smith and Christopher Daniel. Looking forward to hearing from the Life Collective Group. When Brian Owens releases his upcoming 2020 album “Love Came Down”  we will have Part 11 and learn more about his Life Arts, Inc and their plans to make Ferguson the new Motown. 

In concert this week

9/12 Garner Performance Center  Garner, NC.

9/13 Carolina  CIvic Center Lumberton, NC.      

9/14 Sumter Opera House Sumter, NC