Angela Johnson and Darien Dean concert at City Winery in Washington D.C.


Appearing at City Winery March 7th

About Angela Johnson

With nearly 20 years in the music industry, triple threat singer/songwriter/producer Angela Johnson, is the First Lady of Purpose Music Group. No longer the girl next door or the superwoman who thought she had to be super to be extraordinary, here is Angela Johnson unfiltered, unvarnished and definitely un-bossed. “I want music to open something within me, to touch something few have seen, or reach something intangible in you.

Heart & Soul had a chance to catch up with Angela and talk about her single Inclusion.

HS: We know that you composed the music and lyrics for your new single ‘Inclusion’, we are curious about the process. Which came first the music or the lyrics?  and was this a typical process for you or was it different and if it was different how so? It started out with an idea for the subject matter, but I didn’t have any lyrical ideas. Typically, I start programming the drums and finding the right tempo to fit the mood. I knew I wanted it to be upbeat. I’m driven to music that makes you want to move. I came up with some chord progressions for the verses which inspired the lyrics. Once the verse ideas were complete, I was able to come up with a strong chorus and it’s lyrics. It’s a typical process for me, but It really depends on the individual song.

HS: As the producer as well how did you choose which musicians to use in addition to yourself?  Those horns are banging as well as the drum sounds and percussion. 
Thank you! I usually choose talented musicians that I’ve worked with before, whether it’s on stage or in the studio. I can only depend on musicians that work fast and efficiently. Sometimes, I have to work with them remotely. Such as the horn players, who are from Argentina, I had a gut feeling that they would be right for the song and would be able to deliver the sound I wanted. To accomplish this, I composed the horn charts and sent them with a demo of recorded synth horns parts. In this way, I was able to alleviate any misunderstanding and wasted time. It’s a lot of work, but it was well worth it!   

HS: This country, actually the entire world currently seems to be divided . Was that part of your inspiration for a song like ‘Inclusion” or was it something else?  Ultimately, it was. I wanted to write a song to celebrate our uniqueness as individuals and speak to those who are being bullied or are bullying. Right now, immigrants of color are being bullied and being told that America cannot be their home because of where they migrated from. It’s frustrating to see how many individuals in this country are clueless (and ignorant) as to how this country came to be. Without getting too deep, we ALL came from somewhere with the exception of our Native American brethren. To balance out the hateful messages and rhetoric i hear or read, I use music to help bring us together, even if it’s for 3 or 4 minutes at a time. We should all be treated as equals. The title “Inclusion” seemed to be the most fitting for this song.

If music can truly influence and heal, this is just the kind of song that will serve that purpose. Check out “Inclusion

About City Winery

1350 OKIE ST NE, WASHINGTON , DC, 20002. City Winery is about: community, creativity and culture. A vibrant, interactive space in the heart of a cosmopolitan city where folks can not only make wine, but also meet friends new and old while indulging their passion for quality food, music, art and life.

Our award-winning wine list has over 800 unique producers from around the world, in addition to the more than 20 in-house produced wines sourced from vineyards in California, Oregon, Washington, Argentina and Chile. Executive Chef Washington, DC: Brandon Ingentio.

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