Black-Owned News App Hayti Launches the Largest Aggregation of Black Podcasters in History


DURHAM, NC (May 24, 2023) –Hayti, the leading Black-owned news aggregation app that pulls content solely from Black publishers, announced today that it is officially the largest source of podcasts led by Black hosts.

Hayti is cementing its legacy as a historic platform by expanding its news app with access to over 2,000 Black podcasters.

This record-breaking achievement is critical for Hayti. When the app first launched, it aggregated print and on-air news. Expanding its reach into podcasts allows Hayti to continue to serve the Black community as the largest consumers of media in the U.S.

Camille Kauer, Award-Winning Podcaster and On-Air Talent

“As a Black woman who has worked in media and entertainment for decades, I cannot express enough how Hayti’s existence as a one-stop platform is a game changer for creators and our community,” Award-Winning Podcaster and On-Air Talent, Camille Kauer, said. “It is an honor to have my podcast: The E-Spot with Camille, on Hayti.”

“The amount of support from listeners everywhere who appreciate the value of getting their news and podcasts from a source they can trust, because it’s a truly Black-owned platform, is unmatchable,” Kauer continued.

Hayti’s newly added podcast section on the app makes it easier for users to find, listen, share and save podcasts from their favorite Black podcasters.

“Launching the podcast section of the Hayti app was so important to me because I wanted everyone, no matter their preference of news, to find a home at Hayti,” Cary Wheelous, CEO of Hayti said.

Hayti’s decision to expand its reach into podcasts is in direct response to the needs of its target demographic. Recent studies show that 62% of Black podcast listeners said they listen to podcasts at least in part for exposure to hosts that look and sound like they do.

“A majority of our community already surfs social media apps to keep up with the Black news cycle. Creating a news aggregation app from credible Black publishers and outlets allows our community to connect with culturally relevant, fact-checked information and stop the spread of misinformation on social media.” Hayti CEO Cary Wheelous, said.

Aside from being the largest Black-owned app to deliver articles, videos and podcasts all in one app, Hayti is:

• The first mobile app to feature over 200 Black publishers on both Android and iOS.
• The first Black-owned mobile app to feature over 2,000 Black podcasters on Android and iOS.

Hayti is available for free download on iOS and Android For further information, visit


About Hayti
Launched in 2021, Hayti is the largest Black-owned news and podcast app in the U.S. Touted as the leading app for news, videos and podcasts from Black Publishers, Hayti (pronounced “HAY-tie”) is the dynamic app that aggregates digital content from newspapers, magazines, videos and podcasts highlighting Black culture from Black publishers into one feed. The app features thousands of articles from popular publishers like Essence, Black Enterprise, BET, NewsOne, Blavity and numerous other publications loved by the public.

Unlike genre specific news apps or publications, Hayti, offers something for everyone. The app covers a vast number of topics from business, entertainment and health to politics, social justice issues and more…  Readers will enjoy a relatively clean reading feed of digital content sorted by topic and publisher interspersed with some advertisement.  The app also allows registered users to easily save content to custom folders and share content across their social channels.

Until now finding news centered on black culture has been limited to particular magazines and news sites.  The app eliminates the need for subscribing to 4 or 5 publications to keep abreast with current issues.  Hayti boasts the largest selection of black media from over 100+ black publishers in one app.

The platform was developed to influence and disrupt the mainstream conversation around Black culture and lifestyle, by providing news and information from solely Black content creators all in one place. Hayti is available for free download on iOS and Android

Named after a historic North Carolina city that served as a hub for Black entrepreneurship, Hayti provides up-to-date news coverage, featuring content aggregated from Black content creators around the world.

About Hayti’s CEO Cary Wheelous

Cary Wheelous is a tech entrepreneur who launched Hayti to aggregate news and information from Black voices that need to be heard on a global scale. You can catch all the conversations, interviews, breaking news, business, entertainment, and podcasts in an all-in-one app.