US Black Chambers Supports National Black Voter Day September 18, 2020


National Black Voter Day The Power of the Black Vote
Washington, DC- 

Today marks National Black Voter Day: the inaugural day of recognition of Black voters and Black voting power. U.S. Black Chambers’ President Ron Busby released the following statement:

“Today we acknowledge the power of the Black vote. As the voice of the nation’s Black business owners we will be aggressive and adamant about resources for Black business owners, no matter who becomes the next president.

Black business owners are unique voters with unique hybrid issues that intersect race, social issues, small business policies, and the economy. 
The triple pandemic COVID-19, record Black business closures, and the racist climate of hate are fuel to fire of why we must vote in this year’s election; there’s too much at stake,” said USBC President Ron Busby.

The U.S. Black Chambers (USBC) is the voice of Black business owners and a top advocate for resources and policies that impact Black business owners. To learn more visit: