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Tell us about your company and services.
Blue Realty, LLC was founded in April 2007 as a full-service real estate firm, with a specialization in property management.  Irving Blue received his CPM (Certified Property Manager) designation from IREM, and quickly became an industry leader within the property management field. He also holds a Brokers license in the state of Missouri.

We have participated and/or lead deal structuring in various real estate transactions: new construction, rehabilitation, property disposition and acquisition, management transition, and property reposition (which has been the core of our business).  Real estate offers an unique level of satisfaction, and as a full service agency, we are equipped to work with owners, government, and institutions in all areas of deal assignment.  Moreover, we pride our service delivery using the moniker of “Service Matters”.  Therefore, we work closely with our clients to focus and commit on their intended outcomes, and by utilizing industry standards and/or strategies that deliver on the goals of our clients.

How have you navigated the workforce as an African American male?
Traditional service delivery continues to be the standard: integrity, creativity, diligence, and resourceful delivery has and will continue to be the successful navigational tools.  When we approach work or goal setting, we quickly reflect on the outcomes desired of our client.  Then, we must be super competitive and buttoned up regardless of race or other outside influences.  However, understanding the balancing factors associated with race.  Thus, we approach every deal understanding the intended goals, therefore, we can maneuver, pivot, extend resources, or change the tone based on sound judgement.

Historically, African American Males have always been placed in inferior positions or provided challenges that are overwhelming {mentally or socially} for business growth and/or wealth management.  We don’t focus on the negative challenges but commit to understanding the deal and evaluation of the opportunities that others reject.  We have been successful because our since of purpose and the utilization of skills, resources available, and lessons learned serves as our coat of armor and guide to acquiring business.  Plus, I realize that no person or company will outwork me.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurialism is a basic function of survival.  I love the opportunities for freedom and demand for excellence. As an entrepreneur, you realize that no check is waiting without works (and sometime your works is not fully paid).  You quickly understand that either your service and/or your product is a commodity, therefore, 100% of your earnings are based on the approved value and payment of your customers.  Your entire company, along with whoever you employ, must believe and delivery the quality of service desired by your company.  “This is the magic of entrepreneurialism – how do you transfer you {your service or product} into something that someone will buy, and then buy again.”  Your mindset requires faith, trust, fortitude, luck, resourcefulness, and a little bit of crazy to continue the path as a business-man.

What does success look like for you?
Success is recognized, that at the end of the day, “Have I lived my purpose, provided a service that is valued, and I can afford to provide for my family and friends.” Yes, I want an earning that provides a particular lifestyle.  But, for me, success is also grounded in the following questions: 1. Am I free to make decisions that improves the lives of others. 2. Was I far in my dealings, thus resulting in earned income. Will my client continue to use my services.  And 3. Can I rest at night because I have truly made a difference, and I created value.

Why is Stillman College so important to you?
Stillman College: as an African American male, graduating from Trenton Central High School, Trenton, NJ, who lost his love for Basketball – college was not the intended goal or answer.  I graduated in the bottom cohort of my 1989 Class, not because I was not intelligent to receive higher grades. I was not motivated or pushed to be better; this was self-inflicted mostly but the environment of educational mediocrity was also very prevalent.

My high school principal had faith in 11 young men to do better or she wanted out of the street – both could be true.  So, 11 young men received a one-way Greyhound bus journey from Trenton, NJ to Tuscaloosa Alabama.

Upon arrival, I saw a beautiful campus with all the eye candy {female students} one could imagine.  And, we received three (3) wonderful meals a day.  But my love and commitment to Stillman College came after 3 life changing encounters:

  1. Registration and Admissions: of the Trenton 11, I was the only person that did not have the academic transcript required by Stillman College.  The Admission Director told me, she should not allow my enrollment.  However, because I had no way home, she granted me one semester probation.
  2. Development of a Leader: from day one on campus, I took control of my future.  My experiences at Stillman College are unmatched by any other student at that time. I was able to achieve: Freshman Class President, a founder of Pride Phi Prestige, work study under the guidance of Dr. Wynn (then President of Stillman College), basketball team member  to now the Alumni Association President.  On campus, as a Freshmen, I was often recognized as Mr. Blue, because of my conduct, dress, and leadership.
  3. Love for Others: Stillman College showed me that family is what you make.  Stillman is family – period.

Where would you like to see your company in the next five years?
I expect that Blue Realty will have over 3,000 units under management, participate in various community studies and development projects, and I will be recognized as an industry leader with speaking engagements on community change and development.  As a crises manager, most companies are not willing to deal with difficult properties or communities.  We like the fire and the implementation of positive change.  Our portfolio will include real estate transactions, community planning and development, and public engagement.

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