Howard Brown: Lifestyle Consultant, Art Broker, Events & Design.


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
Growing up people would tell me I loved anything creative and seemed quite independent. As a young adult, I was exposed to family members who owned their own companies and admired their be.

Tell us about your services. 

I am a Lifestyle Consultant who specializes in my passions. I am an Art Broker of 35 years.  I have  acquired many paintings for my clients, even a Picasso. I have been an Event Planner for 28 years. I have owned an Interior Design Firm for 19 years. I am a Wardrobe Consultant for some discerning clients. I am the Tastemaker for Howard’s Gourmet Tuna, a product that will soon be on the shelves in select gourmet markets.

What is a normal day like for you?

My normal day could include a plethora of tasks. Starts with hydrating the body with several glasses of water, stretching, meditating and some mornings lap swimming for an hour in a local Natatorium. Mind, body, and spirit is ready for the day! Checking emails, texts, social media is the first order of business before going out into the streets…shopping for an Interior Design clients custom home materials; granite, tile, flooring, lighting, accessories, custom furniture and drapery workrooms. Conference calls and meetings with the builder and client on a regular basis.

What is a GOOD client look like to you?

A good client is a paying client who appreciates the talent and skill of an award winning Interior Designer, Event Planner, Art Broker. 

What kind of experience should someone expect with an actual consultation with you?

The client should expect a fun moment. I love what I do and try to incorporate a fun experience like non other. We will discuss where they are currently, and then help them see the look and design of what could be their new lifestyle.

What advice do you have for someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur?

To have faith in the power of God & themselves is first and foremost. Gotta have faith like water, not fire. Fire can be put out by water. Water can move mountains, and cause a Tsunami. Faith will take you wherever your heart desires. 

Oprah Winfrey said it best. – “Whatever we focus on, we become”.

What advice do you have for someone who collects art?

Google is amazing when it comes to Education on any subject matter. I would start there. Next, I would find an Art Broker to consult and have him or her give some advice based on where one is in their Art collecting process and budget.

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