Eco-Lit Candles: A Home Décor Candle That Takes You On A Fragrant Journey


By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your company and products.

Eco-Lit Candles is a sustainable home and décor brand that creates candles to take you on a fragrant journey that will forge everlasting memories. We carefully craft scented candles that will provide you with peace, comfort, and warmth in your home. We offer consumers affordable luxury vessels that include a variety of sizes and colors that are sure to take home décor to another level. We feature six signature scents- The Hamptons Noir, Sankofa, Odyssey, Serenity, Herbal Essence, and BLK & Gold. The note profiles of these scents include sage, vanilla, jasmine, Egyptian amber, sandalwood, lavender, and many more! In expanding our brand portfolio, we have also created room sprays that are packaged in matte spray bottles and we offer candle accessories, such as our Lit Wick Trimmer. Throughout our entire and budding collection of products, we ultimately want the relationship between the consumer and their candle to be a healthy one!

Founder Shaleeta Jones M.S., CCC-SLP

What inspired you to venture into entrepreneurship?

Eco-Lit Candles was birthed during our current global pandemic. When the world appeared to be in chaos, we found serenity in our own candles. The inspiration came from our desire to engage in self-care practices during that time. We wanted to create something that could not only affirm our commitment to ourself through self-care but also adapt to our new normal. Moreover, since we have such a love for fragrances and scents that make us feel warm, relaxed, and comforted creating our own candles was a no- brainer! In blending those passions, we started crafting our own scented candles right in our kitchen.

Additionally, at the core of our brand is creating and utilizing products that are sustainable and ethically made. For us, this tangibly looks like using non-toxic fragrances, establishing affordable pricing, using biodegradable, recyclable, and reusable materials, being transparent about the ingredients we use, and much more. Hence, these two components were necessary to propelling us into crafting our business and brand when thinking about venturing into entrepreneurship.

What is your process in creating your candles and scents?

To create an Eco-Lit candle, the process starts with first being mindful. We believe in energy and the transference of such energies. So, we mindfully craft our candles during times when we are energetically full resulting in a candle that is rooted in love and care. Next, we start thinking about what we want our customers to feel or remember when lighting our candles. This part of the process is extremely important as it directly relates to the scents or fragrances that are ultimately chosen. Once a fragrance has been chosen and made, the decision becomes what vessel and name both embody that scent. Throughout the entire process, we are mindful of the negative impacts that harsh ingredients can have our environment. Therefore, we carefully craft our candles in small handmade batches made with safe, non-toxic, and natural ingredients. Excitedly, we then share it with the world!

Our hope is for our candles to provide you with the same relaxation, stability, and comfort that our candles brought to us.

How does Covid-19 impact the business?

Eco-Lit Candles was birthed during the pandemic. Although there is a continual state of uncertainty with the virus, sales have been consistently steady. Since launching, our brand has been receiving much recognition, success, support, and awareness. While sales have increased, a huge impact that COVID has

imprinted is the educational aspect of candle care. As a business, we strongly believe that the relationship between the customer and their candle should be a healthy one. Therefore, we have been intentional about educating our customers and community about how specific scents affect the body and/or mind in a positive way, the importance of trimming your wick, and various ways to reuse your vessels. We attribute this opportunity to educate our community due to the slower pace of life that the virus has afforded us.

What advice would you give someone who seeks to become an entrepreneur?

The advice we would give to someone who seeks to be an entrepreneur is to write out a plan and start putting goals, along with strict dates, to hold yourself accountable. Create a business that you love and affords you the opportunity to give back to your community; Always know your “WHY” and stand behind your brands values.

Remember that are a brand before the launch of your company. People will buy your products but they are mostly investing in your brand. Tap into all of your networks that you have already established before launching your business. These networks will open opportunities into their networks which is a great way to obtain new clients and/or forge new partnerships for your business.

Lastly, take chances. No one product is the exact same. It’s all about the story behind your product and how it will benefit the consumer. Consumers are captivated by the story behind the brand and will support once your product resonates with them. So know your worth and understand that your product will always be unique because of who you are.

Where would you like your business to be in the next five years?

Eco-Lit Candles has a very prosperous future! In 5 years, we envision and affirm wholesale partnerships that ultimately provide community employment opportunities. We see Eco-Lit Candles Co. products in stores or publications that align with our brand values. Eco-Lit Candles Co. will continue to be a brand that educates their customers and community about the importance of sustainability and ethically made products. We will continue to consider the environment and be good stewards of sustainable materials. We will continue to create new products that continue to affirm self-care.

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