Jacqueline Glass Empowering Women To Take Better Care Of Themselves

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By Allaire W

African American women’s health isn’t just a “thing” for Jacqueline Glass. The founder of Sistahs At The Well, Sistah Soul Nutrition, and the Girlfriend Getaway, she’s empowering women to take better care of themselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and holistically.

It’s no secret that African American women are notorious for neglecting themselves, choosing to take care of others first. Imagine being diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hypothyroidism, and a physician prescribing medication and sending you on your way for the next three months. That’s when Jacqueline quickly realized she didn’t want to live the rest of her life on four different medications or wondering what’s next. Entering a nutrition-based program gave her a new perspective, revealing a different side of wellness through healthy eating and daily movement.

After initially losing 17 pounds, adding plant-based eating, and altering her food choices, Jacqueline shed even more pounds, the medications went away, and the journey toward embracing a new way of life began. Jacqueline imagined this new life including spaces where nutrition was just a piece of an entire puzzle where African American women could learn how to really live.

Jacqueline Glass

One of those spaces is The Girlfriend Getaway: Sistahs at the Well annual retreat. Realizing how crucial the need was for African American women to have complete health and wellness outlets designed specifically for them, Jacqueline created this retreat as an answer to the call. Daily yoga, meditation and fitness from a personal trainer, cooking demonstrations, small group chats, workshops on nutrition, psychological wellness, heart and gut health, meditation tips, and becoming the best version of yourself are just some of the highlights of what happens every year.

Focusing on next steps after the retreat, Jacqueline set a new goal: creating a community where women could lean on each other for support and encouragement. As a result, Sistah Soul Nutrition was born. Developed based on the Girlfriend Getaway: Sistahs at the Well Retreat, this program has a mission to virtually promote the health and wellness of African American women, offering resources for healthy lifestyles, emotional well-being, and adopting habits that lower or eliminate the need for prescription medicine.

St. Maarten: The Girlfriend Getaway: 2021

“I wanted something that could help African American women learn themselves inside and out,” says Glass. “My results inspired me to create programming that improves African American women’s overall health. The goal is to teach women how to make the exact lifestyle changes that lead to better nutrition and wellness. We are our sister’s keeper, and the Sistah Soul Nutrition virtual program offers an accountability community for women motivated to work on their health.”

The Sistah Soul Nutrition program is 12-weeks, with six class modules addressing emotional/mental wellness, behavioral, physical, sleep, and nutritional support systems. With weekly classes facilitated by licensed medical professionals, nutritionists, and certified wellness and transformation coaches, this culturally affirming virtual environment uses a group-based approach to better understanding personal health journeys.

Looking toward the future, there’s so much in store for Jacqueline and her quest to create an environment where African American women can learn how to take better care of themselves, improve and enhance their mental health, quality of life, and realize there’s so much more life on the other side.

Find out more about Sistah Soul Nutrition at sistahsoulnutrition.com, and the upcoming Girlfriend Getaway: Sistahs at the Well Retreat being held October 8-12, 2022 at thegirlfriendgetaway.com.

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