The Flo Expression with Marcus Johnson-What is your Superpower?



By Marcus Johnson

Early this week my daughter was asked about her Superpower. She politely corrected the woman asking her this question by stating her Superpowers (plural). As a father, I continue to enjoy the development of my baby girl! I am such a fan that sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I don’t get over the top! That said, what I saw on Tuesday evening is something that I wish for every adult!
When we we’re younger we know our superpowers! It’s the process of doing things like adulting, that make us forget about them! It’s hard as hell to continue to dream and to work towards them as society does its best to beat them out of you so that you go get a job, make a little bit of money, and spend it all making somebody else, who understands their superpowers, wealthy!
You must focus on your Superpowers! Then you must focus on the Superpowers that you would like to develop. This is the only way for you to combat the overwhelming amount of depressive content that we see each day. Remember, they call it programming. It’s TV programming! It’s radio programming! The question I always asked was, “Who the hell are they programming?” Now that I’m older and wiser I know that the answer is simple…me/us!
Stay focused on your Superpowers! You can’t realize you’re Superpowers and be angry, anxious, negative, and all of the other fear-based emotions! If you feed yourself your superpowers you can’t help but maintain your level and FLO as a superhero! Especially in your own mirror! That’s where accounts most!
I love you! I love you! I love you! Always do your FLO!!!

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The journey of life is a complex one. Throughout it, we find ourselves assailed on all sides by forces both in and outside our control. Learning to navigate these complexities and barriers is not an easy task, but it is a manageable one. Marcus shares his stories to help you construct your own toolkit for surviving in today’s world, so that you might meet with success, happiness, and completeness.

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The Flo expression with Marcus Johnson It’s an outgrowth from Johnson’s radio show: Catch the FLO. The show is produced in association with the African American Public Radio Consortium and is distributed through National Public Radio ( NPR).  “People are just going through so much that the short FLO segment gives them something to hold on to. It’s a resource that is not only motivational and inspirational, but aspirational and affirmational. People just need to know that they’re on the right track and they’re not alone in failure and success. With social media and life after-COVID, we have become less connected than ever. We lack the skills to communicate effectively. And many of us have locked into adolescent patterns that don’t allow us to enjoy our daily life journeys. Each day is all we have! Why not live it in our FLO! It’s FLO with no W and it means for the love of. That’s for the love of life the love of So, and for the love of making our each of our day is just a little bit better!” The Flo expression is but one component and a much larger mission to become a part of the soul of the world!

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About Marcus Johnson

Best Selling Author, Musician, and Philanthropist DMV Native, Marcus Johnson started his music venture as an undergraduate in college, attending school in Florida, then Washington, D.C.’s Howard University studying music, and business – where he is currently an adjunct professor there. While pursuing his Law Degree and MBA at Georgetown, he produced and distributed his first 2 CDs independently.

Marcus began motivational speaking and teaching soon after graduating from Georgetown as he joined the faculty of the Georgetown University Center for Continuing education.

His teaching focus has spanned across the fields of marketing, business development , and professional/personal Development. He has spoken or presented at such prestigious institutions as Harvard law School, Cornell University’s Johnson School of Management, Johns Hopkins Carey School of Business, Howard University School of law and the Georgetown University law center.  He has also serviced as an entrepreneur in residence at Linefield University in the Pacific Northwest.  While growing the FLO Brand, including Flo Wine, Johnson received many notable acknowledgments including FLO wine on securing a place on USA today’s top 10 celebrity wine brands twice and being named by Forbes as one of the top 10 African American wine brands in the United States.
However, he mentions, “FLO is the true manifestation or rather personification of my passion in life- which is to use my successes and failures to help people change those things in their life that they can to let go of those that they can’t! That is the only way to achieve success and to be able to enjoy!”

With a career spanning over 25+ years, Marcus has released over fifteen Billboards charted CDs, topping the Contemporary Jazz Charts multiple times. His pivotal album, titled “BALLADS…In My Voice”, showcasing his soulful interpretations of some of his favorite ballads from different parts of his life and his favorite artists who wrote and recorded them, allowed Marcus to come into his own lane of Jazz. Embarking on Jazz with no limits, his Fall ’22 release, “Quarantine Sessions,” is currently featured on the “State of Jazz” and “All New Jazz” Spotify curated playlists with the song “Road to Los Suenos.” Thanks to the song “Road to Los Suenos” being added to the State of Jazz and All New Jazz Spotify playlists, the “Quarantine Session” album has skyrocketed to 21,000+ streams on Spotify in its first week.

Along with his notable accomplishments as a musician, Marcus Johnson is also the President/Founder of FLO Brands, LLC which houses his wine label, FLO Wines, Inc., named “USA Today’s Top 10 Celebrity Wines” and “Forbes’ Top Black Owned Wine Brands.”

Marcus Johnson is also the author of “FLO… For the Love Of”, published in 2016, which achieved recognition as a Best-Selling Book and Author at