Distinguished Author Cardelia Reid talks love, intimacy, and divine wisdom.

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By Jessica Dupree
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Distinguished author and inspirational speaker Cardelia Reid was born to teach you how to maintain and sustain life’s most meaningful relationships. The one’s like marriage and the rare gift of friendship that are meant to endure for a lifetime and come to enrich and evolve with us and we grow to live our lives and fulfill our purpose. What’s in a soul? It’s comprised of your mind, will, and emotions. Through Reids biblical intelligence you’ll find how a soul can be restored, a mind renewed with truths from God’s word, a will challenged to be teachable enough to receive instruction, and emotions filled with blissful joy. If we’re not grounded and if we don’t know who we are, relationships that were meant to last a lifetime tend to end prematurely. Reid has been teaching married couples and singles truths from God’s word to develop and perfect the art of intimacy.

At some point in our lives we are all forced to wrestle with life’s dilemmas, the darker seasons, and the emotional ramifications that are a part of life’s journey. Reid teaches that being grounded in God’s word and having intimacy with the holy spirit is the foundation upon which to build the relationship with yourself and then with others. Reid tells Heart and Soul ‘I think that people have to understand that when we start that relationship with the Holy Spirit we are allowing ourselves to be healed of past hurts, because those are things the Bible says that God will bring to our remembrance. He will start to bring up everything that he wants you to be healed from and take it out of your life.  It could be a wide array of circumstances like past hurt, rape, rejection, depression, bad situations with your parents and relatives that you had growing up – God wants to heal you from it all.

While many shy away from the level of openness and vulnerability necessary to cultivate intimacy, Reid inspires readers to surrender to God and trust that he is capable and willing to bless you beyond your wildest dreams with relationships that are both blissful and have longevity. As a trusted voice on imtimacy and relationships, Ried talks with Heart and Soul about love, maintaining intimacy in life’s most meaningful relationships, and shares divine wisdom to help you overcome fears.

What inspired you to write “The Little Diary of Relationships Truths”?

I was inspired to write The Little Diary of Relationship Truths to teach people that out of our relationship with the Holy Spirit flows all of our relationships in life, so when you get that part right then you get the part right with other people. How to love yourself, how to love your neighbor, how to understand what true and genuine love and intimacy really is.

What is true and genuine love and intimacy?

The very essence of God is love, it’s his ore and his character. When we have a relationship with him in which we spend that time with the Holy Spirit we start to experience a lot of that love because of that relationship. We start to understand what it truly is, we let the Holy Spirit fill us up with that. And then, with the intimacy part which goes hand in hand. The intimacy is the very root of what creates a relationship. It is that time you spend with that person – to communicate, to understand who that person is, to get to know who that person is, to know what that person likes, and what pleases that person. It’s a give and take situation and it starts with the Holy Spirit, it’s very tangible.

You’re known for your spiritual insight and divine wisdom. What exactly is divine wisdom and how can we apply it to our relationships?

Don’t look for people to give you something in a relationship, instead you should look to give. You use what I call DIVINE WISDOM not the wisdom that the world gives but the wisdom that the Holy Spirit gives to guide you in that relationship. People often say, If you’re looking to give then how are you going to do to stop people from using you? That is a very good question but it’s a worldly question. If you have a divine relationship you don’t have to worry about people using you because it’s your relationship that creates the atmosphere, the flow, and the expressions.

You’re setting the atmosphere when you have that relationship with the Holy Spirit. For Example, I’m looking to give in the relationship, I’m looking to give of myself, I’m not looking to see what people can give of me which means that I don’t have to go into my relationships getting to know someone worried or fearful that this person might use me, walk over me, or do whatever because first of all when I spend that one-on-one time with the Holy Spirit he is going to tell me about that. He’s going to warn me and protect me. So when we have that relationship with the Holy Spirit he creates us in that hiding place so we don’t have to worry about that. He will give us the tools to use when divine wisdom is needed so you don’t feel like you have to do it on your own – you’re never alone. That’s why we have to walk exactly as the spirit say’s and that’s what leads us into our best relationships in life.

When is a person really ready for a relationship with someone else?

If you’re going have an intimate relationship with anyone the 1st thing I’m going do is go and take all of my problems to them. We say, “I have to talk to you about something.” Well, do that with the Holy Spirit and you will be surprised to see how he answers you. You will be shocked and blown away. He gives us exceeding & abundantly above and beyond all we could ever ask for or expect. Don’t get into a relationship to fill a void. If there’s a void in your life and you feel lonely and say to yourself ‘I’m going to get this guy and we’re going to have this and do everything’ because of a void you’re not ready. It is critical to understand what you are doing and be open for improvement. You have to be open to feedback and improvement because when you’re not, you’re going to keep going around in circles until you die and no one should live their life that way.

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About Cardelia Reid

Cardelia Reid is an American author, teacher and inspirational speaker. Through her years-long career, she has distinguished herself as an expert in spirituality and the art of conquering internal warfare. With her immense biblical intelligence, spiritual insight and unique ability to utilize what she dubs divine wisdom, Reid has gained the attention of many. She defines divine wisdom as the knowledge given directly by God and the spirit realm. The writer has one goal at the forefront of her work — to help community members sustain and nurture their relationships with God, themselves and those surrounding them.  

Reid wants everyone, worldwide, to understand and believe they can achieve, sustain and restore intimacy in their relationships— even with those whom they may have previously been in conflict, including family members, friends, romantic partnersand spouses. 

In 2019, Reid released her first book titled Little Diary of Relationship Truths, in which she shares the importance of solidifying a foundation based in faith and the love of God. Says Reid, “Out of your relationship with the holy spirit flows all of your relationships in life. When you get that right, you get itright with everyone.” She continuously offers essential advice regarding the practice of genuine self-love and the love of others. 

Her self-titled audio show, Cardelia Reid’s Podcast, is syndicated globally and challenges men and women to develop a close relationship with God, while simultaneously arming themwith the skills needed to apply the word of God to their everyday lives.

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