Actor Shawn A. Williams


By Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an actor?

When I was a kid, everyone would ask me, “do you know who you look like?” I would say who? “Will Smith!” So as little kid, I didn’t care about who Will Smith was. I just knew he was famous and was on TV. When I started watching Will Smith portray all these characters in different movies. The ability to have the same physical appearance and be different in so many other ways excited me. So, I always felt like acting was my calling because people always said I looked like Will Smith.

What are some of the preparations do you have to go through?

The first thing I do when it comes to prepping is empty, reset, and study. I try to empty my brain, so I won’t approach anything new thinking I already know what’s going on. I keep my cup empty so people, and experiences can continue to pour into me and help me grow overall. I reset to find a balance within my mental, my emotions, and my actions.  I don’t like to move on to new things already feeling some type of way from the past projects or situations I’ve got passed. I study to get as much information as I can. After understanding the ins and outs, then I visualize myself feeling and being everything that I was studying. I like to use this method for everything that I do, not just for acting.

What has been your favorite role thus far and why?

My senior year in high school, I played in a small comedy skit. I was a small, skinny, football player acting as a cornerback. Lined up across from me was this big, slow, lineman acting as a wide receiver. So, he put on some special cleats, ran a route, and mossed me. This football role is my favorite because the skit was voted top 3 and made everyone laugh. Made me feel very accomplished and validated that I could act.

What is your regimen to staying fit?

My regimen to staying fit concise of diet, exercise, and rest. I have a monthly goal on how I want to look body wise. If I want to shred up and be a little smaller, I jump on a water fast for a few days a week. If I want to gain weight, I increase my meals on a daily. Instead of eating three meals a day I will eat 5 to 6 meals, incorporating the proper fruits and veggies you need on a daily. Monday through Friday I exercise regularly with exercises that concise of my own weight. I don’t lift weights too often. As far as sleep, I try to get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. 

What type of roles do you seek to build your career? 

Honestly, I think the hero/boyfriend roles will be the foundation for my career. I really want to land a few villain roles for the simple fact that I feel like my appearance influence good guy vibes. I also think it will be a challenge and will pull me out of my comfort zone. Being the bad guy everyone loves.

What does success look like for you?

Success in my acting career looks like me being consistently active on a project. Rather it’s an acting role, or a role helping with some type of creative direction. Even if I’m just observing, learning, or coaching on a project. That is what success look like for me. Success is what you make it, so me being part of the project is the success. Not the result nor the accomplishments attained from the finished product, that’s just an appreciation for the love I have for the craft.

Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?

I would like to be a full-time actor. Consistently landing roles for movies or land a reoccurring role on a hit tv show. I want to be on the cover of GQ magazine, and win the sexiest man award one day.


Shawn A Williams grew up in Buena Vista, Georgia. He played high school football and was an amazing track star. In 2006, during his senior year he won an award for being the most outstanding sprinter. He served four years in the U.S. Army. After serving in the military, Shawn went back to school and attained a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at National American University. During his Sophomore year of college, Shawn decided to move to San Diego California to pursue modeling and acting. During his pursuit, he started interning for the Department of Veterans Affairs as an IT specialist, which lead to a permanent position as a Service Support Specialist. Although, helping Veterans and having a steady job was rewarding for him. Shawn still couldn’t resist his passion for Acting and modeling.

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