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‘Don’t be apologetic for your voice. She talks on co-Founding Double 8 Entertainment and upcoming film project “Fresh Air”

Written by Jessica Dupree
Book Cover: Brian Love
Headshot photo: Nogen Beck Studio

Jozanne Marie has empowered a generation of women to know that they have power, that they can effect change, and that they can be assertive. The acclaimed author of “Beautiful: Unashamed and Unafraid” wants women to walk in their true identity and say’s ‘Don’t be apologetic for your voice.’

Book Cover: Brian Love

The Jamaican-born NAACP Award Winning Actress, TEDx Speaker, and co-Founder of Double 8 Entertainment is walking in her true identity which she describes as knowing who you are and not being apologetic for it, standing on how you were created and what you were called to do, and fulfilling your purpose in this earth. Don’t stray or run away from it – own it, accept it, and execute it,” she says.

Passionate about amplifying stories that are multi-cultural and deal with race, Jozanne Marie says, “I want to have representation that gives a global appeal when it comes to race, culture and inspirational stories that move and provoke the audience’s heart to think, to have conversation, to connect, and most importantly to inspire as it also entertains. I want to tackle sexism, racism and any social issues in my films.”

Photo: Jozanne Marie

As a rising actress, this spring Marie begins filming as lead actress in “Fresh Air.” Written, directed, and produced by Xaypani Baccam, Marie stars as a conflicted wayward individual who has lost her faith. “Fresh Air” is about the many choices an individual faces in life – sometimes the best decision is just to breathe.

Jozanne Marie sat down with Heart & Soul to discuss co-founding Double 8 Entertainment, upcoming film “Fresh Air,” and not being apologetic for your voice.

What inspired you to start Double 8 Entertainment?

As an actress and a Jamaican immigrant who worked in the entertainment industry for many years, I never saw myself and culture well represented on screen. Diversity and Inclusion is a legacy that the American Dream promises. Because I didn’t see myself, I believed that I had a responsibility take action. I launched a production company with a business partner of mine to make a difference, to connect the world, and not divide it. We want to remind people that they are hero’s in their own way.

You encourage women “Don’t be apologetic in your voice,” what does this mean to you?

We are all created with a specific, individual authentic voice that God gave to us. Using that voice exactly that way it is given to us – not judging or critiquing it allows it to be potent for which it was sent. Authenticity is what the world needs. Most times we are afraid to be our true self because we care about other people’s opinions. But sometimes those you are called to preserve will be your greatest persecutors. So, breathe your fire and burn in the midnight so when the dawn hits your fragrance still lingers and hopefully some will be awake. Being yourself is the key to your personal progress and the specific purpose to what you have been called.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I want to inspire women to live the life that God planned for them. I want to see a generation of women live out loud, break down barriers and walk in true freedom.

What’s next?

I have a book releasing this year called, “I am not a nice Christian Girl.” It is a book that I believe will bring healing and liberation to all women, especially to the women of faith. I want them to know that just because you love God and go to church does not mean you are a doormat. As women of faith, we carry a light and a sword. We are not called to be nice, we are called to be authentically good. In addition, I will be guest starring in some really fun projects like “Arnold’s Caribbean Pizza,” “Snowfall,” and “Good Trouble.”

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