Eric B. Bell- my voice is one of my strongest, unique, characteristics.


By Taroue Brooks

Tell us about your education and training.

My education and training have been varied and very fulfilling.  I earned my undergraduate degree in Public Policy and Management from the University of Southern California (USC), where I was also on the Track & Field team.  After USC, I earned a Professional Academic Certification in Applied Linguistics and ELL from San Diego Sate University.  Then, after many years in the work world, and while still working full-time, I went back to school and earned an MBA from Georgia State University. Currently, my education and training are focused on on-camera and voiceover acting.

How did you know that your voice would become your profession?

I’ve always known that my voice is one of my strongest, unique, characteristics.  I was always asked if I worked in the voiceover industry, and if I didn’t, I was encouraged to do so.  In the business world, I work in Sales and I use my voice to communicate effectively and drive results.  As a voiceover actor, I’m using my voice to paint a picture and create magic from words on paper.

How did you get started doing voice over work?

I’m still new to voiceover acting.  I’ve always known and believed that I could be successful at voiceover, but never pursued it, until recently.  I’m taking voiceover acting classes to better learn and study the craft and my work is being well received.  I believe life is about timing and evolution, and now is my time to evolve into this new career in acting.

Tell us about some of your voice over projects/gigs.

Currently, my voiceover projects include PSA/commercials for HBCU’s, promotional advertisements, and film narration.  I’m pursuing TV projects as well.

Eric B. Bell on the microphone

What inspired you to become an actor at this stage of your life?

As I mentioned, I believe life is about timing and evolution and I believe it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, or better yet, fully realize your potential, talent, and blessings.  Now is my time to fully realize my potential, talent, and blessings.  I played with modeling and acting in my 20’s, but didn’t take it seriously.  Now that I’m in my 40’s and have had a lot of life experience, both good and bad, I realize that I have a lot to contribute to the world and I want to use acting as the vehicle to reach people.  My son, Justin, is also an inspiration to me.  I’m encouraging him to pursue his dream of playing college and professional basketball, so I must lead by example and pursue my dream of acting.

Tell us about the featured film, “The Shot” where you will have a role.

This is very exciting for me.  The film, “The Shot”, is about the photographer, Joseph Louw, who took the famous photo at the Lorraine Motel after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.  I had the opportunity to meet with the director of the film, Trey Carswell.  Trey and I talked about his vision for the film and he saw my potential to contribute and be involved in the project.  In addition to my on-camera role, I hope to narrate as well.

How was your experience auditioning for the feature film, “The Shot”?

Truth be told, “The Shot” audition was my first audition in many years.  I was excited for the opportunity.  I felt prepared going into the audition and I nailed the monologue.  I recited some of the opening scene from the movie “Hitch”, by Will Smith.  I’m always told that I look like Will Smith, so I tried to be him for 1-minute.

What would be an ideal voice over project for you and why?

An ideal voiceover project for me would involve travel, food, and fun.  I love to travel, I love food, and I love new and exciting experiences.  Using my voice to combine of all them together would be amazing.

What does success look like to you?

Success to me is always trying your best, always learning new things, being an inspiration to others, and being happy with the decisions we make.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to pursue their passion?

I say to anyone who wants to pursue their passion, “Why not?!”  Follow your dreams and be sure to smile along the way.  We only have one physical life, one opportunity on Earth to be the person we want to be or do the things we want to do.  Be that person, do those things.

Eric B. Bell

Where do you see your career in the five years?

In 5 years, I see myself having been involved in some amazing projects, have worked with some incredible people, and continuing to learn and evolve as a person and as a working actor.

Eric B. Bell, @EricBBell on IG & FB

Born and raised in San Diego and currently live in Atlanta.  I’m pursuing an on-camera and voiceover acting career, while maintaining my full-time job as Area Vice President for The Princeton Review.  I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California (USC) and my MBA from Georgia State University.  I’m an avid traveler, life-long learner, and seeker of new, amazing experiences.


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