An Interview with Mitchell Scott – CEO of Mitchell Louis, LLC


By Taroue Brooks

What inspires your entrepreneurial spirit?

What inspires my entrepreneurial spirit is my drive to compete. And by compete, I am referring to maximizing all of my talents to the best of my ability. I am keenly interested in real-estate, stocks and fashion which I am using as a vehicle to define my families legacy.

Where did you develop such a strong sense of style?

My grandmother (Mary Ann Scott) and my Aunt (Dale Bradshaw) were strong influences on me.  They taught me the importance of always being well kept because you never know who’s watching and you should always be presentable. A gentleman has manners; A gentleman seeks knowledge; a gentleman is well dressed and diversified.

My brother (Walter Scott) was also a big influence on me. Being 5 years older than myself and in high school in the early 90’s he was extremely fashionable. He had a very Urban-Prep style mixing rugby’s, casual button downs and  t-shirts with the latest Nike’s, K-Swiss or Sperry’s.

Tell us about your products.

I started the company Mitchell Louis, LLC as a means of getting my own ideas out. Initially, the goal was to simply make apparel for myself only, but I decided it was important to share them with the world as a vehicle to inspire while giving back to important causes. At the age of 21, my Mom spent $500 and brought me a 1981 Toyota Cressida. It was my 1st car and it meant everything to me. In that car I had some of the best times of my life. In that car, I also spent moments alone dreaming of prosperity and using it to give back to worthy causes. Whether you are from a rural area like me or a metropolitan city, we all share the same dream.

 I like to think I have a pretty diversified wardrobe but one of the most important staples in a man’s closet is a stylish well-fitted t-shirt and crew or hooded sweatshirt.  With that in mind, In decided to design a short run of t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts based on my 1st car.

Share your thoughts on the importance of quality.

In my mind, quality is an essential component when purchasing anything especially apparel. Purchasing apparel should be treated like an investment. You should expect that investment to look good on you for years to come. With that said, the quality of the raw materials is essential.  

Where can your merchandise be purchased?

The Mitchell Louis t-shirt and sweatshirt can be purchased by contacting me directly via;


Instagram Direct Message (DM): @mitchell_louis_llc

What have you found to be the most challenging aspect of being an entrepreneur?

What I have found to be the most challenging is I am mostly self-taught, which has required me to slow down and conduct extensive research before making any important decision. And even then, I have made mistakes along the way, which I have learned to embrace as part of the process.

Mitchell Scott

What can a client expect when doing business with you?

I client can expect me to be genuine and honest about myself and the products I create.

Where do you see your ventures in the next five years?

I see myself developing strategic collaborative partnerships with talented artists to create apparel that the consumer will love but will also feel good about themselves because their purchase played a part in supporting a noble cause.