“If you say you’re good you’re gonna have to prove it”: Grammy Award Winning singer Daniel Winans, Sr. talks new brand “Prove It” at The Micheaux Film Festival

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Grammy award winning recording artist Daniel Winans Sr. and wife Sybil graced the red carpet of Hollywood’s Micheaux Film Festival this past weekend, joining in the celebration and recognition of more than 180 films and projects, followed by an awards show Sunday evening.

“I think [the festival is] giving the opportunity now to see the gifted people who would’ve never gotten the chance if we didn’t have the disturbance that we have around us,” Winans Sr. said, speaking of our collective global journey through the pandemic. “Sometimes it takes a little disturbance to really find out what’s underneath.”

The iconic recording artist spoke with Heart & Soul on the Micheaux Film Festival’s red carpet to share more on his latest single and discuss his new company, Prove It!

Q. You recently released a tribute to the late Whitney Houston. Tell us about your relationship with Whitney Houston because I understand you sang at her wedding?

“Well, Whitney that’s a highlight to be asked. I actually told her “no,” that I wasn’t going to do it because she was Whitney, she could get anybody to sing. But I did it, and in hindsight, I’m very glad I did. I actually did [the song] “Always Love You” as tribute.

Q. Hollywood raves about your marriage to Lady Sybil. It’s been 38 years and everybody wants to know what is the secret to loving someone for 38 years?

Um “yes! The word yes. You say it at the altar and you keep saying it. That’s it, that’s absolutely right. My wife is still my girlfriend. (Lady Sybil added, “You know, most importantly to forgive. To forgive and forget and keep moving on to the next and keep on loving. Keep on loving.”)

Q. You recently launched a brand called Prove It! Tell us about the Prove It brand.

That’s right Prove It! Prove It! The Prove It brand is going to hopefully rival those of Nike and Underarmour. It is a black-owned company and we want to grow it in the urban areas and it is going to right now sports and beyond. So, every sport you can name— right now we’re into golf first— but then everything else will follow— track and field, tennis, it dosen’t matter you’re gonna have to, if you say you’re good you’re gonna have to prove it.

Daniel Winans Sr.’s tribute to Whitney Houston “Always Love you” is available on all music platforms.

Daniel Winans Sr. and wife Sybil

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