Fruition Hat Company – “Be You Be True”, An Interview With Stanzel Jackson


by Taroue Brooks

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 

 It almost feels like entrepreneurship chose us.  Since we were literally teenagers, we would create plans and events, many of them we actually activated and quite a few actually worked out.  We found that we loved it; we loved the thrill and the outcome, the stress and the gratification.  Building something tangible from an idea and truly seeing it come to Fruition is an indescribable feeling.

Tell us about your company. 

Fruition is a full service luxury hat company and lifestyle brand.  We started in 2018.  Our motto is ‘Be You, Be True.™’ and that is exactly who we are and what we want our customers and Fruition Family to live in.  We sell all types of hats for all types of humans including fedoras (wide and short brims), pork pies, baseball caps and beanies, and cloches and pillboxes to name a few.  

What is your process in selecting/creating the hats?

We try to design hats that will be timelessly stylish while giving their owners timeless happiness in knowing their hat was created just for them.  We don’t believe in limits and make sure that we don’t impose them on our designs.  We try to design hats for ALL types of personalities.  Color is our “thing” so we typically start there first, moving next to shape, then finally the adornments.  

What kind of experience would a client have while in your store?

We’d like to say a one of a kind experience!  Our team and shops are high energy, loaded with good vibrations and true industry expertise.  You come in and meet real people who care deeply that you leave with hats that truly fit YOU.  We take time to learn and know our clients and customers.  In addition, you’ll catch some great music and, (if you visit our Gallery location) a refreshing beverage!

What has your experience been as an entrepreneur?

It’s been an adventure in every way.  We’ve had challenges and triumphs and have been tested galore, but would change nothing!  The underlying theme is always “keep pushing.” The most gratifying part for us is watching our team, and ourselves grow and expand as individuals AND professionals.  We couldn’t be here without our home team and our amaaaazing clients (Shoutout to the Fru Fam).  Our entrepreneur experience would not be the same without the people within our path… They make it all worth it.

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

We see Fruition as a household name.  We plan to be the nation’s leading luxury hat brand touching international territories and encouraging the ‘Be You, Be True’ lifestyle everywhere!  Over these next five years, we also hope to see our current team excelling as the leaders of this company AND our industry.  In addition, we hope to serve as beacons of light for black and brown people.  Our journeys are not simple, but we want our people to know that they can do and BE anything they work towards regardless of adversity!


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Premium quality hats for men, women, and people. Styles include fedoras, caps, berets and more. Be you, be true.