Walik Gibson making a difference at Stillman College

By Taroue Brooks

Tell us your title and responsibilities at Stillman College. 

My title at Stillman college is Admissions Counselor. My duty as such is to manage enrollment, recruit students, and create an atmosphere in which the students feel like it’s a home away from home .

Why is education so important to you? 

Education is important to me because I understand that many people have not been allotted the luxury or resources to learn. I also understand that to be successful you must be educated and well versed to be put in positions to lead and expand your brand.I learned that through my own experiences starting a business with no education.

In addition to your work at Stillman College, what are your entrepreneurial ventures?

Outside of my work at Stillman College, I am the COO for a Marketing and Sports Management company with tycoon business partner/artist/director Boosie. Also, I serve as a Co-Owner and Board member on the Onpoint network, which is available through Roku. 

What does success look like for you?

Success to me looks like someone who has completed the goals they set out for themselves and breaking generational curses. I attribute success to how you overcome the adversity that you face. I do all of this work for my family and to give opportunities to the youth who aspire to be entrepreneurs.

Where would you see your career in the next five years?

In the next 5 years, I see myself as a sports agent and owning the fastest growing sports agency.  I also plan on building up my Nonprofit Builds a Bridge which targets youth development and guidance for future entrepreneurs. 

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