An Interview with Voiceover Artist Eric B. Bell


By Staff

What inspired you to get into the entertainment industry?

I’ve always wanted to be in the entertainment industry.  My entrance into the industry has been many years in the making.  After college, I had opportunities to pursue acting and modeling, but I never put any real action towards them.  Over the years, people would ask me if I was an actor, worked in voiceover, or if I was on the radio?  After being asked so many times, I finally had to ask myself, “why am I not doing this?”  I always felt I could be successful in acting and voiceover once I made the decision to do so.  I believe life is about intention and timing, so I asked myself three questions.  “Why not?”  “Why not me?”  “Why not now?”  There were moments in my life when I was reminded of my gift and what I believe is my purpose – my unique voice.  There was a time when I temporarily lost my voice.  It was at that time; I knew I needed to use it for its purpose.  I’m fortunate that I got my voice back and made the conscious decision to get involved in the entertainment industry.

What kind of training have you had?

I earned my undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California and my MBA from Georgia State University.  Living in Atlanta, I’ve been fortunate to connect with some wonderful acting and voiceover studios in the city.  I regularly attend classes at Atlanta Voiceover Studio, Drama, Inc., and Premiere Actors’ Network.  My training includes improvisation, scene study, commercials, promotions, script analysis, and intensive courses and workshops.

Tell us about your voiceover project with “What About Me…”.

I was tapped to narrate the official trailer for the upcoming documentary film, “What About Me.”  The film reflects on the experiences of African American men and our history in the U.S.  The portrayal of Black men in America, by mainstream media, has often placed us in a box as athletes, entertainers or criminals.  “What About Me” is thought provoking and casts a bright light on Black men who don’t fit in a box and highlights our greatness and importance – past, present and future.  I am honored and proud to have lent my voice to this necessary and timely documentary.

How are you dealing with the racial tension that our country is experiencing?

It’s certainly been a challenging year and I’m dealing with it the best way I can.  Having lived and travelled the world, it’s been difficult for me to make sense of what’s happening here in the U.S. and why it continues to happen.  This is the most turbulent racial climate that I’ve experienced in my lifetime.  The countless killings of Black men and women at the hands of law enforcement, with little to no justice, has left me heartbroken and more ignited than ever before.  Racial injustice is intolerable.  I believe in just a matter of time; it will not be tolerated any longer.  I am here for it and looking forward to change.

How are you managing life during Covid-19?

Covid-19 has been hard to believe.  I would’ve never imagined that this is happening in the world.  It’s been saddening to hear all the stories of loss.  In general, I’m managing life during Covid-19, as I manage life normally.  I try not to stress and worry about things out of my control.  During Covid-19, I’ve taken extra care in making sure that I and those close to me are staying healthy and feeling safe and secure.  I’ve been unable to see my son, who lives in Canada, since March and that’s been extremely frustrating.  We understand the situation and are grateful for FaceTime.  Covid-19 has been a reminder of how precious life is, as well as, who and what is important in my life.  It’s given me the chance to sit still, be patient, recalibrate priorities, and be grateful for life’s blessings.

Being new to the business, what made you hire a Publicist?

Being new to the entertainment industry, especially entering it later in life, I wanted to start out strong and make the best first impression.  It was very important to me to hire a Publicist to help build my brand, generate press, build relationships, and explore future career opportunities.  Taroue Brooks is my Publicist and he has been invaluable.

Where do you see your career in the next five years?

Five years seems like a long time, but I know it’ll be here sooner than later.  My goals with acting and voiceover in the next five years are to continue to learn and evolve into one of the most recognized voices in the industry; by sharing my craft, working on projects I believe in, and inspiring others.

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