Model / Actor – Chris Rodman

By Staff

What inspired you to work in such a competitive industry?

When I first got into modeling I wanted some nice pictures taken of myself for my birthday one year. Luckily, one of my coworkers at the sports bar I worked at Natalie Donofrio (@natjaneee) is a photographer so I asked and the rest is history. The feedback I received from our shoot made me feel like I had something to offer this industry. The way she made me look/ feel about myself is what put me on this journey.

What happened that let you know that you can work as a professional actor?

Growing up, I watched a lot of movies and tv. I’ve always been sort of a character which I got from my older brother Ryan. Re-enacting movies scenes/ skits with friends and family also helped with that. I love to entertain people and make them laugh. Lately, one of my inspiration has been my step brother Derrick Williams (@d_d_willy) who has been in show business for quite a while. Now that I am on the journey to do something similar, I’ve grown to appreciate his work ethic and the body of work he has accumulated over his career.

What is your process in preparing for an audition?

Preparing for shoot, you have to make sure you provide the casting crew with all the information they need from you. Clothing size, shoe size, height, weight and all for your wardrobe. You have to make sure you’re at the location of the shoot with enough time to get yourself set and in place when needed. A big part is just knowing your lines and knowing them like that movie scene you’ve seen a thousand times. 

What does success look like for you?

Success to me looks like trying to repay my mom and brother even though I never could. I’m big on taking care of my people and knowing who really supports me. We all have those people that will push you to do that thing you’re scared to do. People who are honest with you because they love and care about you. People come and go but it takes a village to me keep me running. Being able to share my blessings with the people that helped me get there is success to me.

What is an ideal role for you and why?

Haha an ideal role? That’s a good question. I don’t really have an ideal role in mind for myself. I’ll play whatever role they need me for but if I had to say then maybe a bachelor navigating a new city for starters then we can work on being Fast 20 later. 

What are the benefits of having representation?

The benefits of having representation is just having someone to help you navigate all the business and politics of this line of work. Having someone who knows you well enough as a client to put your best interest at heart definitely helps as well. Just having a team that really know so you can be put in the best positions to success to your fullest potential.