Adrian Weekly


By Staff

What does success look like to you?
Success to me is having autonomy over my time. It’s having the means and ability to work on what I want with who I want. Success is living my life on my own terms.
Tell us about your education and training.
My background began in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Photographer and Graphic Designer. Working in that space inspired me to pursue a degree in Communications from Syracuse University. The goal was and still is to marry these skills and education together to be an asset in the PR and Marketing industry. My education in personal training and even styling allow for me to assist with branding in many different aspects.
Marine Corps Veteran Combat Photographer Adrian Weekly ’20 Finds New Opportunity at Syracuse University
PR/Marketing is a very competitiveness industry. What inspires you to work in this space?
The ability to be creative and expressive. Finding different strategies for an individual or brand to stand out in a competitive space speaks to the artist in me.
What do you feel are unique aspects of your personality/skills that will set you apart of others in the industry?
Due to my background and having lived overseas for an extended period of time, I am able to connect with different people from many diverse backgrounds.
What’s your relationship with men’s fashion and style?
What kind of experience would someone have in working with you?
Working with me they would get someone who is flexible. A Swiss army knife to help them with their branding. Someone also personable.
Where would you like to see your career in the next five years?
I see myself traveling while managing and leading brand campaigns within fashion and entertainment.